Stop, Turn, and Split
Juliano's new LED third brake light is more than just a super-bright brake light. The two LED sections function as signal lights as well, a great added-value feature. Because it's divided into two sections, it's also a natural for any car with a split rear window. Two versions are available, with either a fixed bracket for package tray mounting, or an adjustable bracket allowing the light to be mounted on a split window divider.

The 8-inch-wide housing is machined from aluminum and can be polished, plated, or painted to match the interior theme. Complete instructions and hardware are included, and if you already purchased the original version of this light with filament bulbs, Juliano's has a retrofit kit to upgrade those to LED operation. For more information, contact Juliano's at (860) 872-1932 or

Plant Your Impala
Global West Suspension can help you get your '58-64 Impala handling to suit your driving style with this new bolt-on rear coilover kit. Coilover suspension provides adjustable ride height and, most importantly, a wide selection of spring rates for fine-tuning. You can set it up for a comfortable ride or superior performance depending on what your preference is.

The kit includes an upper crossmember, rear lower arms in either steel or aluminum (as shown), single or double adjustable shocks, street springs, brackets, and hardware. For more information, contact Global West Suspension at (877) 470-2975 or

Linking Arms
Genuine Stromberg unveiled the prototype for its multi-carburetor linkage in January, and now, following the success of its SuperLink arms, combining traditional yet streamlined looks with optimum leverage and huge versatility, introduces the TwoStep linkage kit. Available for, but not exclusive to, 97, 81, and 48 carbs on 2x2 and 2x3 intakes for Flatheads or small-block Chevys, the kits come pre-assembled and install in-you guessed it-two simple steps. You fit the arms, then fit the rods-without the need for extended throttle shafts.

They're not a one-size-fits-all solution either, with each linkage designed for specific intakes. Direct linkages are available as competitively priced regular kits with swivels or Premium kits can be had with opposite threaded rod ends for easy adjustment. Apart from the die-cast zinc SuperLink lever arms, all parts are stainless steel, and every kit comes with two new Stromberg Snapback throttle return springs. Progressive systems ensure maximum versatility. The primary lever has three mounting points to change the secondary opening point, and you can pull the front carburetor or push the rear one open to suit individual applications. For more information, contact Stromberg at

Clean Air
Most people probably know O'Brien Truckers for their club plaques, but the company produces many nostalgic hot rod parts from the post-war era. One of their specialties is a broad offering of cool air cleaners.

These teardrop air cleaners are available in an open version with an exposed element or a closed version that breathes from underneath. Both styles are supplied fully polished as shown, and feature a washable lifetime cotton gauze element. If you miss the cool aluminum equipment of the '50s, you'll be like a kid in a candy store when you get the company's catalog! For more information, contact O'Brien Truckers at (508) 248-1555 or

Pedallin' Wares
This new early Ford-style single or double underfloor pedal assembly from Jim Meyer Racing Products will keep your firewall smooth and give your interior the original retro look. The assembly features a steel cage, removable pedals with bronze bushings on a 3/4-inch-diameter shaft, and 1/2-inch-diameter pedal holes at the top of the pedal arms. It is designed for dual-chamber, two-bolt master cylinders or for a booster to fit under the floor.

The dual or single pedal assembly welds to the inside of the framerail. Boosters, master cylinders, and brake plumbing products are also available. For more information, contact Jim Meyer Racing Products at (541) 994-7717 or

Cable Controlled
Performance Online's new universal power window conversion kit will fit virtually any vehicle, as its unique cable design allows the window motor to be mounted almost anywhere in the door, while using the original window regulator. The mechanism is designed to withstand over 6 1/2 pounds of pressure at a distance of nearly 3 feet from the center of the regulator. This effort is enough for most vehicles and provides a nice, smooth operation.

The kits are available in two- and four-door configurations, and offer the ability to use rocker switches to operate the window, or retain the original window handle if desired for that retro look. For more information, contact Performance Online at (800) 638-1703 or