Perfect Paint
Summit Racing Equipment now offers a complete line of detailing products to complete the perfect paintjob. From aggressive compounds to mild polishes, the new line of body shop-safe detailing products is designed to give new paintjobs a scratch-free, high-gloss finish. The Quick Cut HD Rubbing Compound is ideal for basecoat/clearcoat finishes, and erases wet/dry sanding scratches, then breaks down into polishing mode to create a smooth, bright finish. The Power Buffing Glaze removes compounding swirls while leaving a smooth, deep finish, while the versatile All In One Rubbing Compound and Polish, when used with a wool cutting pad, can remove sanding scratches after color sanding. Hand Glaze is a great final touch to any new paintjob, spreads easily, and dries quickly. All the above are available in 16- and 32-ounce bottles.

Body Clay is designed for use with Quick Shine Detailer, to eliminate overspray from paint, chrome, glass, and plastic. It does not require strong solvents or a high-speed buffer to remove contaminants and leaves a smooth, swirl-free finish. Finally, Quick Shine Instant Detailer removes dust, fingerprints, and smudges from glass, chrome, and paint. Available in 16- and 32-ounce bottles, it can also be used with Summit Racing Body Clay to remove environmental contaminants. For more information contact Summit Racing at (800) 230-3030 or

Reservoir Knobs
Precision cast in aircraft grade aluminum, this retro-style brake fluid reservoir is available from OTB Gear. The double-remote reservoir is highly polished, and features four 1/8-inch NPT outlets; two on the bottom and two on the back. This allows a number of mounting possibilities and also means it can be installed with no lines showing.

Measuring 3 3/8 inches high, 4 1/4 inches wide, and 2 inches deep, with four 1/4-20 threaded mounting holes, the reservoir is compact. For more information, contact OTB Gear at (909) 595-4995 or

We Have Ignition
The Hot Dot Ignition Link is the perfect addition to Watson's StreetWorks' Hot Dot All-In-One Ignition/Start/Stop switch. The Link is a hot dot to remote control interface relay that allows you to enable and disable the Watson's StreetWorks Hot Dot Ignition Button using two functions on a remote control. Push one remote button and the Hot Dot Ignition operates; press a second button to disable the Hot Dot. The Link takes the place of a key lock to secure your car's ignition and can be triggered by either positive or negative (grounding) momentary trigger signals. Serving double duty, the Link can also be used as a latching on/off relay for 12-vdc, 5-amp maximum loads. For more information, contact Watson's StreetWorks at (860) 859-0513 or

Brake Time
Wilwood Engineering's new 11- and 12.19-inch Internal Drum E-Brake Rear Kits for '59-64 Chevys are perfect for enthusiasts who have original classic cars, or other specialty vehicles using the Chevy differential assembly, and they complement Wilwood front brake kits. The kits are available in two sizes. PN 140-11827 features Dynapro calipers and 11-inch rotors that work with most original classic car and period aftermarket 15-inch wheels and some 14-inch wheels that are designed to clear disc brakes. PN 140-11828 features Dynalite calipers and larger 12.19-inch rotors that will also work with some 15-inch wheels and all of the larger aftermarket wheels that are so popular today. The brake kit features Wilwood's special internal drum parking brake design that is a snap to hook into the stock parking brake cable system. The kit can be ordered in a black finish with standard rotors or you can upgrade and use red powdercoated calipers and drilled and slotted rotors for excellent braking efficiency and an attractive appearance. This kit will work harmoniously with all Wilwood front brake kits. For more information, contact Wilwood Engineering at (805) 388-1188 or