Fuel Delivery

Holley Performance Products has released a complete line of Avenger, HP, and Dominator EFI systems for those wanting to make the switch from a carburetor or upgrade from their factory ECMs. The Avenger EFI systems are complete bolt-on-and-go kits, available in 2BBL TBI or 4BBL TBI as direct replacements for carburetors or in 4BBL or Stealth-Ram multi-port variations. They will feed up to 600 hp with setup performed by a hand-held controller, eliminating the need for a laptop. The Avenger will self-tune on engine start-up for optimal performance and economy.

The HP EFI systems will control applications from mild street cars to full race cars. Tunable via laptop to give users complete control, they also include self-tuning strategies. HP EFI systems are available in the same configurations as the Avenger units, plus a universal multipoint, plug-and-play system for GM LS engines and ECU only. The HP system comes with boost control, nitrous control, water/meth injection control, and more by way of four configurable inputs and outputs. The HPs also have internal data-logging, distributorless ignition control, plus individual cylinder fuel and spark control.

The Dominator system builds upon everything the HP system features, plus electronic transmission control, drive-by-wire throttle body control, rev limiters, and more. A large number of inputs and outputs allow nearly any combination of usage. Both the Dominator and HP systems can be tuned with Holley’s unique full color 5.7-inch LCD touch-screen. For more information, visit Holley at www.holleyefi.com.

Get the Point?

Need to add a little flair to your grille, hubcaps, bumpers, or wherever your imagination takes you? These chrome-plated bullets from The Filling Station can be used in many different applications, and are available in seven sizes ranging from 2 1/2 inches in diameter to 4 1/4 inches high, from a small dome up to a large point. All bullets come with a center-mounting stud for easy attachment. For more information, contact The Filling Station at (800) 841-6622 or www.fillingstation.com