Legal Torque

B&M Racing and Performance Products have added two new members to their SFI-approved family of flexplates. PN 20340 is designed to fit the GM LSx motors, including the ’10 Camaro with the L99 motor and most GM products (earlier Camaros/Firebirds, Corvettes, late-model GTO, G8, etc.) with automatic transmissions and LSx motors. PN 10340 is designed to fit most Dodge and Chrysler products equipped with an automatic transmission and either the 5.7L or 6.1L engines. This includes the Challengers, Chargers, Magnums, and 300Cs. The flexplates are SFI Spec 29.1 approved and are legal for NHRA and IHRA classes. The race sanctioning body-required SFI certification sticker is included. The flexplates are ideal for LSx-equipped street applications to extreme duty racing. For more information, contact B&M Racing at

Raw Deal

Bare metal parts on hot rods are neat but hard to keep from rusting. Rust Prevention Magic (RPM) is a new wax-like product that will stop rust from formingthough it will not reverse rust or remove it, so rusty parts need to be sand or bead-blasted clean first. Applied by heating the clean part to 120 degrees using a hair dryer or heat gun, RPM is brushed on, melting as it is brushed onto the hot part. Once it gets into the pores of the metal, it will prevent rust from forming. The RPM dries to an invisible barrier.

Cast-iron brake rotors and drums, suspension components like spindles, control arms, tie rods, driveshafts, metal brackets, and even exhaust pipes are examples of parts that can be coated. If you plan on painting coated parts in the future, check with the manufacturer, as RPM may not be compatible with paint or be completely removable. For more information, contact Chevs of the 40’s at (800) 952-2905 or

Read with Moon

Laurent Bagnard has authored two books, Cheatersville and The Electroline Diaires, chronicling times spent with car clubs (the Cheaters in Switzerland and the Choppers in SoCal, respectively). This time he has ventured into the world of hot rod history, with Go With Moon! 1950-2010, which, as the title suggests, details the history of Moon Equipment Company and, subsequently, Mooneyes. With unparalleled access to the company’s archives, you’ll find very few repeats of pictures that were used in David Fetherston’s Moon Equipped book from 1995. There really are some great images from the ’50s to the ’80s.

With Dean Moon’s death in the late ’80s, the company closed down and was shut for over two years, until Moon’s friend, Shige Suganuma, bought it and turned its fortunes around, while keeping it based in the same Santa Fe Springs, California, location it’d always inhabited. The final chapters of the book cover the Mooneyes Yokohama shows and the Christmas Parties in SoCal, as well as brief interviews with current car and bike builders and their impressions of the company. For more information, contact Mooneyes at

It’s a Belter

Nobody wants their seatbelts falling out the door every time they get out of the car, so Juliano’s offers a simple solution to the problem. If your car didn’t come with retractable belts from the factory, you now have access to this stiff-arm lap belt, just like OEMs use. This design is ideal for any car without adequate room for a bulky retractable housing. The 13-inch rigid arm comes with a 61-inch-long adjustable belt for a total length of 74 inches. They’re made exactly like original OEM equipment so they look right at home in any car, and meet all FVSS specifications. For more information, contact Juliano’s at (860) 872-1932 or

Extreme Fans

Derale Performance has added four new low-profile curved 10-blade electric fans to their line, in 10-, 12-, 14- and 16-inch diameters. Their H.O. Extreme Series feature sealed, water- and dust-proof motors, which operate at peak efficiency at the high static pressure loads encountered during the hot, humid summer months that can quickly overwhelm a cooling system. For more information, contact Derale Performance at (800) 421-6288 or