Full Boost

Add power brakes to your ’52-72 Ford or Mercury full-size car without major modifications with this new power booster brake kit from Performance Online (POL). Available for both drum and disc brake applications, POL’s power booster kits mount in the factory location and include an 8-inch dual diaphragm power booster, mounting brackets, master cylinder, proportioning valve, prop valve bracket, and prop valve lines (disc applications only).

You should specify whether you have drum brakes or two- or four-wheel disc when ordering, and it should be noted the kit will not fit a vehicle with a 292 or 312 engine running OE exhaust manifolds, or ’57-59 models running a big-block. For more information, contact Performance Online at (800) 638-1703 or www.performanceonline.com

Billet Bullets

Here’s a new way to dress up your dash from Watson’s StreetWorks. These new Bullet Billet Nobs are available to fit 3/16- and 1/4-inch square shafts as well as 10-32 threads. Good looking and versatile, the knobs are also available with Watson’s extensive line of Neat Nob latch release kits and sold individually on a 1/4-20 threaded stud with nuts and washer for custom dress-up applications.

Measuring 3/4-inch in diameter and 1 3/16-inch long, the knobs have as many applications as you can think of, and could even be used for a bullet grille insert. For more information, contact Watson’s StreetWorks at (860) 859-0513 or www.watsons-streetworks.com.

Stainless Brackets

Having a hard time finding bumper brackets for your car? Do you have an application that no one reproduces parts for? Look no further as the folks at McMillan Rod & Custom can take care of all your custom bracket needs. They have the ability and experience to design and fabricate new bumper brackets from high-quality-type 304 stainless steel.

Be it reproducing a rusty old set of existing brackets or designing and fabricating a custom set, look to them for high quality, quick service, and fair pricing. For more information, contact McMillan Rod & Custom at (715) 387-6847 or www.mcmillanrodandcustom.com.

Wooden you Know ...

There’s something about a woodgrained dash that no other finish can match for sheer elegance and beauty. It traditionally requires hours of tedious work, and you pay dearly for it. Thankfully, it’s the 21st century, and Juliano’s offers woodgraining by a process known as hydographics, which translates to fast turnaround and lower prices. The process is a modern, state-of the-art technique that re-creates the same old-world finishes we love.

There is an infinite range of color possibilities in yellows, tans, reds, and brown wood tones, in every traditional woodgrain style, such as oak, burlwood, birdseye maple, rosewood, walnut, cherry, and more. Turnaround time is days (not months) and large pieces, such as outer station wagon trim, are no problem. Juliano’s can woodgrain virtually any kind of part made of any material, including steering wheels and all types of large trim panels. For more information, contact Juliano’s at (860) 872-1932, or www.julianos.com

Aye Eye ...

The famous flying eyeball is now available as both a third brake light and a paperweight from O’Brien Truckers. A faithful replica of the well-known hot rod culture icon, the eyeball is cast from aluminum, and measures 7 inches from wingtip to wingtip. On the third brake light, the eyeball has a white lens that’s red when lit, and on the paperweight the eyeball glows in the dark—just the thing for your desk, shop, or perhaps as a romantic anniversary gift for the wife!

O’Brien Truckers’ entirely new website is chock-full of period-correct nostalgia, cool cast aluminum parts, and other flying eyeball products. For more information, contact O’Brien Truckers at (508) 248-1555 or www.obrientruckers.com.

’34 Corner

Steve’s Auto Restorations continues to add to their array of sheetmetal parts for the Model 40 Ford. In answer to multiple requests, Steve’s now offers rear roof corner patch panels for ’33-34 three-window coupes. Dimensions were taken from Steve’s original ’34 coupe to create an exact pattern to which the new patch panels are then formed to.

Sold as a pair or individually, each panel is hammer formed in 18-gauge steel and extends to but does not include the roofline reveal. They are ideal for repairing rust, body damage, or for fixing a botched chop job, and can also be trimmed to fit a five-window. For more information, contact Steve’s Auto Restorations at (503) 665-2222 or www.stevesautorestorations.com.


With over 50 years experience of custom wheel manufacturing, The Wheelsmith is well known for its extensive range of custom and OEM-style steel and wire wheels. New to the range is the OEM Spider, a hand-built steel wheel that features the spider rings around the center spider cap, as well as an outer trim ring.

Available in all popular diameters, bolt patterns, and back spacings. For more information, contact The Wheelsmith at (800) 854-8937 or www.thewheelsmith.net.

Classic Update

American Autowire’s Classic Update kits are designed for specific year, make, and model configurations. Shown here is the ’59-60 Impala kit, which features a replacement headlight switch with internal 30-amp circuit breaker and steering column connectors that plug directly into most aftermarket columns or ’59-60 GM columns that use stock GM turn signal switches. Original switch connector bodies and GM bulkhead connectors are supplied for the engine and front light wiring—an American Autowire exclusive feature.

The fusebox is designed to fit in the stock location, with a template included to modify the firewall, and the instrument cluster wiring has a disconnect system for easy service as well as original terminals for stock clusters, though it will also connect to aftermarket gauges. The front and rear body wiring features longer leads, allowing for stock or custom routing, with a trigger wire for a fan relay included in the front section. If you’re going to rewire a classic, American Autowire really has thought of everything for you. For more information, contact American Autowire at (856) 933-0801 or www.americanautowire.com.

Quick ‘n’ Easy

Eagle One Wipe & Shine makes it quick and easy to detail, protect, and restore shine between washes and waxes. Just spray on and wipe off and the result is a just-waxed look.

Wipe & Shine safely lifts dust, pollen, bird droppings, and water spots and provides a lasting shine and UV protection with no white residue. Supplied in 32-ounce spray bottles, its advanced protection polymers can last one month or longer. For more information, contact Eagle One at (800) 354-9061 or www.eagleone.com.

Hey Porter!

They are back! The famous heavy-duty mufflers that were used by the original hot rodders in the ’40s and ’50s are available once again. Vintage steel-pac mufflers with a very deep, unique sound, Porter Mufflers are still hand manufactured right here in the United States just like they were back in the ’30s. They are made from the same 16-gauge steel and stainless steel bodies, with a steel coil center, and hand packed with stainless steel, giving them that classic vintage rumble.

Available with either 3 1/2- or 4-inch body diameters, and with inlets and outlets ranging in 1/4-inch increments from 1 3/4 to 3 inches, they have an overall length of 26 inches and a body length of 20 inches. Originally made by the Porter Muffler Manufacturing Company on the West Coast in the ’30s, Porter Muffler now operates alongside RavenWorks in Maple Grove, Minnesota. For more information, contact Porter Mufflers LLC at (763) 463-3452 or www.portermufflers.com.

Alternative E-brake

Wintec Fabrication has released a bolt-on emergency/parking brake kit that’s extremely street rod friendly for 8- and 9-inch Ford rearends. It’s an easy way to incorporate an e-brake if your rear brakes are not equipped with that ability.

The easy-to-install kit includes the caliper mounting bracket, caliper and pads, 8 3/4-inch diameter rotor with mounting hardware, high-strength U-joint girdles, and an 8-foot trimmable cable kit with a chrome floor-mounted handle. For more information, contact Wintec Fabrication at (203) 294-1339 or www.wintecfabrication.com.

Bright Light

Evil Engineering billet taillights have ultra prismatic lenses coupled with the brightest LEDs on the market. The prismatic lens spreads the light over a wider viewing angle for maximum visibility and illumination. As well as using less draw than a standard light, LEDs out-perform any standard light bulbs, which have an estimated operating time of 6,000 hours compared to 15,000 to 20,000 hours for LEDs!

Evil Engineering’s LED taillights draw 2mA in the on position and only 1/2A when the brake light is on. Available designs include the Model A, the ’32 Ford, ’33-and-up Ford, V-8, Spade, and the 8 Ball, and all come with a polished billet aluminum or chrome finish. They are also available with a license plate holder as a horizontal or vertical mount for motorcycle applications. For more information, contact Evil Engineering at (800) 372-8612 or www.evil-engineering.com.

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