Complete drop-in coilover shocks for front and rear are included in the customer’s choice of non-adjustable, rebound adjustable, triple adjustable, or electronically adjustable units. RideTech offers recommended spring rates or any optional spring rate. For more information, contact RideTech at (812) 481-4752 or

Brighter Whites

Most people who run whitewall tires on their rides have some home-spun remedy for cleaning them, or use one of the proprietary cleaners, most of which contain harmful chemicals or even bleach, which over time causes the whitewall to turn yellow or dry out. Detail Pro WhiteWall Spray is a 98 percent natural product that has been specially formulated to break down brake dust and road grime naturally, keeping them looking new and without damaging them or the environment.

Available in 23-ounce bottles, Detail Pro WhiteWall Spray is available, along with WhiteWall Wipes, from Coker Tire, California Car Cover Co., and some Harley-Davidson dealers. For more details, contact Detail Pro Wipes at (866) 272-0253 or