Some-Fin Old, Some-Fin New

O’Brien Truckers’ line of nostalgic cast-aluminum air cleaners now includes this round, finned style, in 14-, 9-, and 6 7/16-inch diameters. These are very reminiscent of the old Cal Custom–style air cleaners from the ’50s and ’60s, except with heavier, more traditional fins, which you can paint as shown (shipped unpainted). The 14-inch air cleaner comes with a sheetmetal base and the 9-inch comes with a cast aluminum base. Both are for four-barrel applications with a 5 1/8-inch opening.

The 6 7/16 inch is available with five different cast aluminum bases to accommodate a 2 5/16-inch diameter 1-bbl, 2 5/8- and 3 1/8-inch 2-bbl, and 4 7/32- and 5 1/8-inch 4-bbl carburetor necks. Because it’s one of the smallest four-barrel air cleaners to be found anywhere, it provides added clearance for extra-tight dual quad applications. All three of these air cleaners come with washable cotton gauze “lifetime” filters. For more information, contact O’Brien Truckers at (508) 248-1555 or

LED Light

We all need portable lights when working under our cars, and a regular type with an electrical lead can become annoying and entangled. Snap-On’s new battery-powered Horizontal Swivel Light features 30 bright white LEDs, a built-in magnet and hook, and is rated at 100,000 hours of continuous use. Obviously you’ll have to change the three AA batteries (included) a number of times over that period!

With an ABS housing, dual-molded grip, and the ability to pivot from 5 to 90 degrees, it’s one of those tools you’ll wonder how you did without! Measuring 10 1/2 inches high and 2 1/2 inches wide, a major benefit is the light is cool to the touch thanks to the LEDs, rather than incandescent bulbs. For more information, visit your local Pep Boys store.

Overdrive Install

Installing a 700-R4 transmission in a ’65-70 full-size Chevy hardtop or sedan? The newest addition to Hubbard’s product line will interest you. This custom tubular brace cuts out the guesswork involved, and includes the mounting brackets and hardware. With a removable end section, installation is simple; though it will not fit the convertible chassis. For more information, contact Hubbards at (800) 826-8088 or

Power Relay

Most AMC, Chrysler, Ford, and pre-’74 GM vehicles are equipped with OE resistor ignition feed wires. PerTronix Ignitor II and III ignition systems require a full 12V power connection between the ignition switch and the positive coil terminal, which requires bypassing the ballast resistor or resistor wire, and in many cases, the original resistor wire is buried inside the vehicle’s wiring harness. Adding a PerTronix power relay will eliminate digging through the wiring harness and replacing wires.

This 30-amp relay kit can also be used with the original Ignitor conversion kits or to power accessories as well. In addition to its small size and ease of installation, the relay offers the advantages of minimizing voltage spikes by isolating the ignition power source from other high-current equipment, and provides consistent full battery voltage, meaning no more voltage fluctuations from overloaded or worn-out ignition switches, corroded connectors, and wires. For more information, contact PerTronix at (909) 599-5955 or

V-8 Speedster

Renowned automotive designer Tom Gale was responsible for Classic Instruments’ new V-8 Speedster Series of instruments, with a V-8 badge on the face, chrome pointers, and laser-etched indices on the light diffusers lining up with the indices on the spun- and engine-turned aluminum faces. The chrome bezel adds to the timeless retro feel.

The six-gauge set includes a 3 3/8-inch speedo and tach, and fuel, oil, temp, and volt gauges in 2 1/8-inch diameters, with a five-gauge set also available without the tach. The fuel gauge is available in 0-30, 0-90, and 75-10 ohm versions. For more information, contact Classic Instruments at (800) 575-0461 or

Fitting Solution

One of the main causes of “spongy” brakes are air pockets trapped in the system, a common occurrence in through-frame fittings on aftermarket brake systems. Noted chassis builder Art Morrison Enterprises (AME) has developed a unique through-frame fitting that eliminates such fluid air pockets. CNC-machined from stainless steel billet material at AME’s Fife, Washington, facility, they can be used with any framerail up to 2 inches in width. Designed to accommodate standard AN -3 brake lines (male fitting on one end, female on the other), the AME Full-Pressure Fittings can be retrofitted to most any existing hydraulic brake system.

The new fittings have been incorporated into the complete brake line kits that AME offers for its various GT-Sport chassis, and are also available individually or in pairs. For more information, or for a copy of their 40th anniversary catalog, contact Art Morrison Enterprises at (800) 929-7188 or

Wipe Clean

In response to the continuing desires of hot rodders to incorporate modern technology into their hobby cars, American Autowire has released this Wiper Motor Control Module. It controls two-speed motors with momentary ground activation so that when the wiper switch is in the “low speed” or “on” position, alternate momentary grounds switch between high- and low-speed motor circuits. When the switch is off, holding the momentary switch to the ground activates the “intermittent swipe” option on the low-speed circuit for as long as the momentary ground is held.

The module controls the park function to prevent excessive wear on the motor. It includes a locking wedge to incorporate it into an existing accessory module as well as a stand-alone mounting bracket and full instructions. For more details, contact American Autowire at (800) 482-WIRE or

Gloves Off

To complement the company’s ’33-34 Ford car dash panel, CCM Rod Shop has released a matching (non functioning) glovebox door. Machined from a solid piece of 5x3/4-inch-thick 6061-T6 aluminum, it fits the original opening so no dash modifications are required. The glovebox door can be ordered with or without a hole for mounting a clock. As with most of CCM’s gauge panels the door can also be ordered with or without ribs, with a bead-blasted center and polished outer lip, or fully polished by hand to show quality mirror finish. For more information, contact CCM Rod Shop at (866) 999-1932 or

History lesson

Show Car Dreams chronicles the exciting evolution of the indoor custom car show through the eyes of the International Show Car Association’s founder Bob Larivee Sr., and with writers David Fetherston, Greg Sharp, Phyllis Bryan, Janet Bires, Bill Moeller, Debra Vogele, and Larry Way, Show Car Dreams tells the story of the men and women who made it happen and the owners and builders who have set the trends in hot rodding and custom cars since after World War II. A comprehensive history of more than 60 years of indoor car shows in the United States, and with 800 pictures, this large format book is limited to 1,500 copies.

The limited-edition version is a 300-page book packaged in a black wooden case, while the special edition features further coverage of one of the following seven regional shows: The Detroit Autorama, Grand National Roadster Show, Mid-America Shows for Kansas City and Omaha, Toronto Show, which includes Eastern Canada, Louisville Show, Great Lakes Show (Cleveland, Cincinnati, Indianapolis), and Chicago/Milwaukee. The Texas Show edition has already sold out. The master edition includes all the above in two volumes, with 492 pages. For more details, check out

Bolt-On Handling

It’s been interesting to watch RideTech’s transformation from a company specializing in airbag systems (under its former name of Air Ride Technologies) to one offering superior handling packages for our favorite cars. Just released is this complete coilover package for ’64-72 GM A-body vehicles, such as the almost 4 million Chevelles out there. A complete bolt-in system, which requires nothing more than simple hand tools to install, this kit offers StrongArm front upper and lower control arms, geometry-corrected dropped spindles, and StrongArm rear upper and lower tubular control arms with new articulating and adjustable ends.

Complete drop-in coilover shocks for front and rear are included in the customer’s choice of non-adjustable, rebound adjustable, triple adjustable, or electronically adjustable units. RideTech offers recommended spring rates or any optional spring rate. For more information, contact RideTech at (812) 481-4752 or

Brighter Whites

Most people who run whitewall tires on their rides have some home-spun remedy for cleaning them, or use one of the proprietary cleaners, most of which contain harmful chemicals or even bleach, which over time causes the whitewall to turn yellow or dry out. Detail Pro WhiteWall Spray is a 98 percent natural product that has been specially formulated to break down brake dust and road grime naturally, keeping them looking new and without damaging them or the environment.

Available in 23-ounce bottles, Detail Pro WhiteWall Spray is available, along with WhiteWall Wipes, from Coker Tire, California Car Cover Co., and some Harley-Davidson dealers. For more details, contact Detail Pro Wipes at (866) 272-0253 or

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