Harness the Power
When you’re building a car, one of the things you’ll eventually need to address is where the battery will be mounted and how it will be secured. Cobra Automotive offers an easy solution with this mount-anywhere battery tray. Measuring 12 3/4 x 7 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches, it is specifically designed for a Group 24–size battery and weighs just under 2 1/2 pounds. The tray features a side bracket and a hold-down that can be mounted in two ways to accommodate different-style battery tops.

The tray is easily adapted to a variety of applications; it can be hung on a side panel or firewall in the engine bay, or mounted in the trunk, directly to the floor. It’s fabricated from laser-cut, CNC-formed, 0.090-inch-thick aluminum and finished in silver powdercoat for a long-lasting, attractive appearance. For more information, contact Cobra Automotive at (203) 284-3863 or www.cobraautomotive.com.

See the Doc
Installing an Auburn dash insert on a Model A or ’32 is a time-honored traditional hot rodding mod, though originals are scarce and highly prized nowadays, with prices to match. Doc’s Kustom now offers this version of that famous instrument panel. CNC-machined from a solid piece of aluminum, it features separate engine-turned inserts made in 22-gauge stainless. Look closely and you’ll also see it has with three holes across the top for LED indicators. It’s available in five- or six-gauge versions.

Doc’s will be happy to supply the bare panel and engine-turned inserts, or complete gauges, with many styles to choose from. It’s shown here fitted with their Performance Series gauges, featuring Smokin’ Silver stainless bezels and lighted pointers, from Omega Kustom Instruments, a Doc’s affiliate. For more information, contact Doc’s Kustom at (229) 528-4300 or www.docskustom.com.

Affordable IFS
Fatman Fabrication’s Affordable IFS is an excellent choice for Model A, ’32 Fords, ’28-33 GM cars, and early Mopars with similar fenders that fit directly to the frame. Rather than modifying a Mustang II IFS to fit, with all the attendant track width and bumpsteer problems, this IFS design provides a 56-inch track width and rear-steer rack-and-pinion, which will clear fenders and radiator aprons while maintaining proper geometry.

Costing far less than coilover-based designs, this IFS has been in production since 1987, but has just been updated to use a new manual rack provided by Maval/Unisteer. For more information, contact Fatman Fabrications at (704) 545-0369 or www.fatmanfab.com.

The Hard Work’s Done
Wintec Fabrication now offers this traditional-style Model A chassis, manufactured from 1 1/2 x 3-inch rectangular steel tubing, with a front four-link suspension, 4-inch drop forged tube (or I-beam) axle, and a dropped front crossmember. It comes with a Vega steering box, new 9-inch Ford rear housing with brake line tabs, rear panhard bar, radius rods, coilovers, brake pedal, and master cylinder.

The chassis is equipped with body mounts and is set up for a small-block Chevy, with pre-drilled and tapped holes for all fender and running board mounts. It’s 5 1/2 inches longer than stock to accommodate the coilover shock mounts behind the rear housing, but maintains the stock Model A wheelbase of 103 1/2 inches, so it will fit a coupe, sedan, roadster, or pickup. For more information, contact Wintec Fabrication at (203) 294-1339 or www.wintecfabrication.com.