Declare Independence
Speedway Motors’ new bolt-in IFS crossmember for ’35-40 Fords allows the average enthusiast to install a proven Mustang II–style front suspension using only basic hand tools. The innovative crossmember design employs interlocking boxing plates to support the framerails from the inside, distributing the load and providing the ultimate in strength and rigidity. Mounting bolts pass through both the frame and boxing plates, tying all the components together into a reinforced assembly that won’t twist or flex.

Installation can easily be completed in a weekend using little more than a socket and wrench set, jackstands, hand drill, tape measure, and a few clamps. No welding or specialized fabrication skills are required. Once installed, the adjustable upper spring seats allow precise tuning of the vehicle’s ride height. Optional bolt-in engine mounts (available for small-block and LS Chevy, or small-block Ford V-8s) make engine upgrades easy, too. For more information, contact Speedway Motors at (800) 979-0122 or

Pull Up That Poncho
Owners of full-size ’55-57 Pontiacs now have an easy way to convert to disc brakes. Performance Online’s front stock spindle disc brake conversion Kit uses large GM calipers for more friction surface area and improved stopping power. This exclusive kit comes standard with GM 5x4 3/4-inch bolt pattern and 11-inch rotors. These kits mount to the original spindles, making installation a snap.

The kit includes: 11-inch rotors, large GM calipers with brake pads, bearings, seals, dust caps, spindle nuts, mounting brackets, and rubber brake hoses, and is supplied with a limited-lifetime warranty. Compatible with many aftermarket 14-inch wheels, 15-inch wheels are recommended, and cross-drilled and slotted rotors are also available, as are braided-stainless hoses. For more information, contact Performance Online at (800) 638-1703 or

Beat the Heat
Thermo-Tec’s new Express Sleeves are the perfect way to add heat protection while improving performance. The new easy-to-use sleeving is a combination of a high-temperature insulation material and highly reflective mylar foil with a Velcro closure. The sleeving is designed to provide maximum protection for wires, hoses, and cables from the very damaging effect of radiant heat with an easy application.

Simply pull apart the material, wrap around the wire, and re-close the sleeving. Express Sleeves reflect over 90 percent of radiant heat, are fireproof and fire resistant, and look good too! Available in two sizes, Express Sleeves fit 1/2- to 1 1/2-inch diameter applications, in 3-, 12-, and 50-foot lengths. For more details, contact Thermo-Tec at (800) 274-8437 or

A Turn for the Better
There’s a reason modern cars have side marker/turn signal lights: safety. You can now install the same added visibility to your hobby car with these flush-mount amber front lights as well as red marker lights in a larger size. The amber lights have 12 super-bright amber LEDs that are split 4-4-4 so it can be used as a single solid light or as both turn and park or with additional parts for sequential signal or alternate light flashing with Watson’s ALF Modules.

The red light has 15 super-bright LEDs and both kits have clear lenses with a diffuser, measuring 1/2-inch thick, 4 1/4 inches long, and 1/2-inch wide. Dual intensity convertors, installation hardware, and instructions are included. For more information, contact Watson’s StreetWorks at (860) 859-0513 or

Harness the Power
When you’re building a car, one of the things you’ll eventually need to address is where the battery will be mounted and how it will be secured. Cobra Automotive offers an easy solution with this mount-anywhere battery tray. Measuring 12 3/4 x 7 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches, it is specifically designed for a Group 24–size battery and weighs just under 2 1/2 pounds. The tray features a side bracket and a hold-down that can be mounted in two ways to accommodate different-style battery tops.

The tray is easily adapted to a variety of applications; it can be hung on a side panel or firewall in the engine bay, or mounted in the trunk, directly to the floor. It’s fabricated from laser-cut, CNC-formed, 0.090-inch-thick aluminum and finished in silver powdercoat for a long-lasting, attractive appearance. For more information, contact Cobra Automotive at (203) 284-3863 or

See the Doc
Installing an Auburn dash insert on a Model A or ’32 is a time-honored traditional hot rodding mod, though originals are scarce and highly prized nowadays, with prices to match. Doc’s Kustom now offers this version of that famous instrument panel. CNC-machined from a solid piece of aluminum, it features separate engine-turned inserts made in 22-gauge stainless. Look closely and you’ll also see it has with three holes across the top for LED indicators. It’s available in five- or six-gauge versions.

Doc’s will be happy to supply the bare panel and engine-turned inserts, or complete gauges, with many styles to choose from. It’s shown here fitted with their Performance Series gauges, featuring Smokin’ Silver stainless bezels and lighted pointers, from Omega Kustom Instruments, a Doc’s affiliate. For more information, contact Doc’s Kustom at (229) 528-4300 or

Affordable IFS
Fatman Fabrication’s Affordable IFS is an excellent choice for Model A, ’32 Fords, ’28-33 GM cars, and early Mopars with similar fenders that fit directly to the frame. Rather than modifying a Mustang II IFS to fit, with all the attendant track width and bumpsteer problems, this IFS design provides a 56-inch track width and rear-steer rack-and-pinion, which will clear fenders and radiator aprons while maintaining proper geometry.

Costing far less than coilover-based designs, this IFS has been in production since 1987, but has just been updated to use a new manual rack provided by Maval/Unisteer. For more information, contact Fatman Fabrications at (704) 545-0369 or

The Hard Work’s Done
Wintec Fabrication now offers this traditional-style Model A chassis, manufactured from 1 1/2 x 3-inch rectangular steel tubing, with a front four-link suspension, 4-inch drop forged tube (or I-beam) axle, and a dropped front crossmember. It comes with a Vega steering box, new 9-inch Ford rear housing with brake line tabs, rear panhard bar, radius rods, coilovers, brake pedal, and master cylinder.

The chassis is equipped with body mounts and is set up for a small-block Chevy, with pre-drilled and tapped holes for all fender and running board mounts. It’s 5 1/2 inches longer than stock to accommodate the coilover shock mounts behind the rear housing, but maintains the stock Model A wheelbase of 103 1/2 inches, so it will fit a coupe, sedan, roadster, or pickup. For more information, contact Wintec Fabrication at (203) 294-1339 or

Mopar To Ya
Mopar Performance Parts has owners of Chrysler, Plymouth, and Dodge products covered, with more than 280,000 parts and accessories, though many are for late-models. Chrome-plated differential covers, HEMI Orange engine paint, eight correct OEM enamel paint colors, restoration decals, small-block camshaft kits, and pinion snubbers are just some parts that earlier Mopar fans can use.

Or how about the big-block cast aluminum polished valve covers (shown here), available for 383 and 440ci engines? Small-block covers are also available. Any Mopar fan could use Direct Connection logo fender covers, ideal for preventing scratches or dings while wrenching in the engine compartment. For more information, visit

Wild Webers
Remember the ’65 Corvette Grand Sport with that wild Weber DCOE sidedraft carburetion system with those criss-crossed runners and eight-chrome velocity stacks? There’s never been a wilder-looking small-block Chevrolet induction system before or since, and Jim Inglese is producing them again. Each unit is custom-built to match the engine it’s going on, and what you see here is exactly the way it comes out of the box, fully assembled and ready to install.

Included is the complete fuel harness, a low-pressure fuel regulator with -AN fittings, stainless liquid-filled pressure gauge, Fel-Pro intake gasket set, stainless intake bolts, synchrometer, and a step-by-step installation and setup manual. Customizing options such as polished manifolds, chrome plating, custom-painted carburetors, and air cleaner choices are available, and can be viewed online. For more information, contact Jim Inglese Weber Carburetion at (203) 623-0659 or

Pump It Up
Performance Automatic has added two new Pro Pumps to their extensive line of transmissions and components. With the ever-growing popularity of the Ford AOD and 4R70W transmissions, the company felt the need to release its AOD Pro Pump (PN PA53436) and the 4R70W Pro Pump (PN PA45436) to the public.

Starting with the best cores, Performance Automatic checks for proper pump bushing centerline. The pump gear pocket is examined for correct depth and the pump gears are sized to Performance Automatic specs. The stator housing is re-conditioned and machined for a thrust bearing. This eliminates the plastic washer that often fails due to excessive rpm.

Modified stator rings are installed as well as a new pump O-ring and gasket. This Pro Pump is a direct replacement part complete with roller bearing suitable for any rebuild.

The AOD Pro Pump fits all AOD transmissions up to 1993 and the P AODE/4R70W Pro Pump fits all AODE and 4R70W transmissions from 1994-2004. For more information, visit Performance Automatic at

Peace of Mind has partnered with LoJack Corporation to offer a significant discount on a LoJack for Classics’ Stolen Vehicle Recovery System. The LoJack for Classics system is specially designed to meet the unique requirements of specialty vehicle owners. It’s the only stolen vehicle recovery system directly integrated with the police and leverages LoJack’s newly released self-powered, radio frequency (RF) technology. fans pay a one-time fee of only $295 for the LoJack for Classics system, a savings of $400. To take advantage of the special offer, call (800) 4-LOJACK (456-5225) or visit, and use promo code CCA1AR295.

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