This Chrome Will Get You Home

Whether you need it for the starting point of a new steering system, or as a replacement for a junk steering box, the Speedway Motors chrome Vega steering box will give your car’s chassis a touch of class, and the steering performance to back it up. The box bolts up to all conventional Vega-style mounting brackets and accepts Vega-spline U-joints, pitman arms, and accessories.

The beautifully chrome-plated finish not only looks great, but is easy to clean, a fact you’re sure to appreciate when detailing your ride. For more information, contact Speedway Motors at (800) 979-0122 or

Bead Done With It

Trick Tools has taken its proven line of bead form tools and expanded it with the Bead Form III. This compact bead-forming tool features heat-treated upper and lower shafts that ride on precision needle bearings. The upper shaft has replacement bushings for heavy-duty applications. These features allow it to handle 0.065-inch material on a regular basis, making it the heaviest duty version available.

The Bead Form III will form a hose bead on all types of tube and is designed to work with stainless, aluminum, copper, brass, or mild steel. It is perfect for fuel, radiator, turbo, and intake lines. The 0.080-inch tall by 0.270-inch wide bead meets ASE specifications for 1 1/2- to 4-inch OD tubing. Manual and electric versions are available, depending on the requirements. For more information, contact Trick Tools at (877) 826-7268 or

Oil's Well That Ends Well

AMSOIL Inc. now offers synthetic motor oil engineered specifically for classics, muscle cars, and other high-performance applications. Available in 10W-30 and 20W-50 viscosities, AMSOIL Inc.’s Z-ROD Synthetic Motor Oil features high-quality synthetic base stocks and a proprietary additive package tailored to prevent wear and provide maximum protection during storage.

AMSOIL Inc.’s Z-ROD oil is formulated with high levels of zinc, which is critical for wear protection in the flat-tappet engines of classic cars and other earlier-model high-performance vehicles, and provides exceptional protection for flat-tappet cams, lifters, and rockers. Damage from rust and corrosion due to long periods of storage is another issue common to classic and vintage cars. AMSOIL Inc.’s Z-ROD synthetic motor oil is formulated with a unique blend of rust and corrosion inhibitors to ensure maximum protection during storage. For more information, contact AMSOIL Inc. at (800) 777-8491 or

On The Rebound

QA1 Ultra Ride coilover shock absorbers have 12 comfort settings, with easy on-the-car rebound adjustability with the turn of one knob. The Ultra Ride aluminum body is available in six different lengths for front and rear applications, and is bright anodized for superior durability and show-stopping appearance. A triple-chrome 5/8-inch piston rod and unmatched sealing system add to the exceptional quality, design, and performance. These shocks are made in the United States, individually dyno-tested, and serialized. Take control of your suspension with QA1 and feel the difference.

QA1 also offers rod ends for hot rods, with over 5,000 part numbers in stock and ready to ship. Also available from QA1 are spherical bearings, springs, coilover kits, and other suspension components. For more information, contact QA1 at (800) 721-7761 or

More Input

Dakota Digital unveils the BIM Series of instrumentation expansion modules. The BIM-17-1 is the first product to be released within this highly anticipated new series, allowing up to 16 additional gauges to be added to any Dakota Digital instrument system produced since July 2010.

The BIM-17-1 adds both a compass and outside air temperature gauge within the existing digital message centers. With a direct plug-in connection to the Dakota Digital control module, installation couldn’t be simpler. All necessary wiring, sensors, and hardware are included to make this a true plug-and-play experience. For more information, contact Dakota Digital at (800) 852-3228 or

Get Shorty

Flaming River Industries introduces its all-new Shorty ’57 Chevy tilt steering column—the shortest you can find with a 6 3/8-inch shroud! These all-new columns feature a 2-inch tube diameter and bolt directly into the existing dash bezel just like the original. Each column includes a billet aluminum dress-up kit (tilt lever, turn signal lever, and hazard knob), as well as GM wiring and a canceling cam.

These columns are available in a floor shift or column shift design with the option of a paintable mill finish or polished stainless finish. Column shifts come complete with a neutral safety switch as well as a removable shifter arm with 12 locating positions. For more information, contact Flaming River at (800) 648-8022 or