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French Lessons

Night Prowlers Kustom Kemp Accessories is again offering their ’52-54 Mercury headlight frenching kit. The kit is comprised of a pair of primer-coated steel headlight rims, which are faithful reproductions of the original ’52-54 Mercury car rims, two polished stainless steel bezels, and six bezel clips. These Mercury rims and bezels have been traditional custom components for years, but now you don’t have to trawl junkyards to find them any longer! The inner bezels are also available separately, and extra bezel clips can also be purchased individually. For more information, contact Night Prowlers at (855) 776-9537 or

Lube In A Tube

This new assembly lube from AMSOIL Inc. is specially formulated to provide exceptional wear protection against rust and corrosion in newly built or rebuilt four-stroke engines. It dissolves in oil, helping eliminate port/galley clogging and deposit formation, and contains high levels of anti-wear additives to protect critical parts during initial startup, including camshaft lobes and bearings, lifters, rocker arms, and rod and main bearings. A high-viscosity base oil and unique tackifier provide a long-lasting cohesive cling for added protection.

A partially assembled engine can sit for long periods of time, increasing the chance of rust formation on exposed metal surfaces from moisture and oxygen. Rust and corrosion inhibitors in the lube protect engine components during these periods of inactivity. Packaged in convenient 4-ounce tubes, AMSOIL Inc. assembly lube allows for clean, precise application and is recommended for any new or rebuilt four-stroke engine, including racing and performance applications. For more information, or your nearest distributor, contact AMSOIL Inc. at (800) 777-8491 or


The newest addition to the growing list of options for CON2R custom steering wheels are split color front grips, which look as though they could have rolled off a Detroit factory line way back when saying “fill ’er up” didn’t require a bank loan. Available in eight standard grip colors, plus an array of custom options, this feature makes it possible for the first time to create your own custom steering wheel with two or more color sections on the face of the grip. Complete with chromed bezels to separate the grip sections, all CON2R steering wheels are built on a chrome-plated steel frame with your choice of spoke pattern, offset, colors, and trim. All wheels have a 15-inch outside diameter and feature a center blow horn button with a standard three-bolt mount pattern. For more information, contact CON2R at (503) 626-6390 or

Common Ground

A proper ground is essential for any automotive electrical system. A bad ground can cause many erratic symptoms, and tracking them down can be frustrating and time-consuming. This is true for all vehicles, but fiberglass cars are naturally especially susceptible to these problems. Ron Francis Wiring makes obtaining a good ground simple with its Simplex Grounding Systems. Several combinations are offered to suit basic to complicated configurations. The Simplex Grounding System complements Ron Francis Wiring’s line of harnesses and panels, as well as other wiring systems. Installation is easy, using single ring terminals to branch several circuits to individual accessories or lights in one common area. A 12-inch-long, heavy-duty strap is included to ensure a secure, dependable ground. Options include a buss bar for setups with several accessories, or a junction box with cover for weather or environmental protection. For more information, contact Ron Francis Wiring at (800) 292-1940 or

Power Up

The winter season is already here in some areas, which means long periods of inactivity for rods and customs. Eastwood’s Battery Sustainers will maintain the charge of any 12V battery without the risk of overcharging or causing permanent damage, unlike typical trickle chargers. The microprocessor-controlled technology cuts off when the battery is fully charged. Spark-free and temperature-compensated, they feature short-circuit and reverse-polarity protection.

The Eastwood Battery Sustainer offers 2.0 amps of output and the Eastwood Battery Sustainer Plus offers 2-10 amps, with a built-in 10-amp charger. Both units have an LED display that shows the charging cycle and battery status, and offer enough power to bring a dead battery back to charge and then sustain that charge during storage, unlike other battery maintainers that need to be put on a charged battery. Three connectors are included for both automotive and motorcycle batteries—a set of alligator clips, a set of connectors to hardwire your vehicle, and a 12V vehicle accessory port. For more information, contact Eastwood at

Shiny New Ring

New from The Filling Station are these 18-inch show-quality polished stainless steel wheel trims for ’32-33 Chevrolets. This trim ring is a perfect copy of an original N.O.S. Chevrolet accessory wheel trim. It will fit any 18-inch wheel with the valve stem in the center of the wheel. With originals almost non-existent, this latest addition to the company’s line of reproduction Chevrolet parts will appeal to rodders and restorers alike. For more information, contact The Filling Station at (800) 841-6622 or

Power Down

Flaming River introduces its all-new Electro-Wizard Automatic Battery Disconnect Switch. This heavy-duty 12V battery switch ties into your vehicle’s ignition to control and operate the vehicle’s battery system. When the ignition is turned to the “off” position, the battery is automatically disengaged and becomes non-operational. It can handle a 250-amp continuous or 2,500-amp surge current, and is a sealed waterproof design.

Using a Passive Magnetic Solenoid Operation, so as long as your vehicle is turned off, the battery system is automatically turned off as well. There’s no mechanical switch to forget to operate! Kits are available with or without a three-minute time delay, and 24V systems are available on request. For more information, contact Flaming River at (800) 648-8022 or

Touchy Subject

Phantom Products introduces its new Touch-n-Go Starter System. The Touch-n-Go is claimed to be the industry’s first touch-sensitive starter system with interactive LED display. Made as a direct replacement for standard keyed ignitions, this unit simulates the five common ignition positions. The easy-to-install kit comes complete with all the hardware needed to install in just about any vehicle. Phantom has made it easy to determine the state of the ignition with its unique interactive LED system so there is no guessing which mode the ignition is in. Five different color modes tell if the vehicle’s ignition is off, in accessory mode, ignition mode, crank mode, or running, and the button is available in polished aluminum or black anodized finishes.

The starter is automatically disengaged once Touch-n-Go senses the engine is running, with a theft-deterrent pulsing red light when the vehicle is off. It will accept input from any momentary switch, including popular OEM ignition switches, and an optional security module allows for interface with security devices allowing only authorized users access to the vehicle’s ignition. A retained accessory option keeps accessories live for 10 minutes after the ignition is turned off, or until a door is opened. For more information, contact Phantom Products at (618) 943-4856 or

Squeakless Trunk

Eddie Motorsports now manufactures billet aluminum trunk hinges for ’55-57 Chevrolets. The hinges are CNC-machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminum and are offered for hardtop, post, and convertible models. The hinges are available in a variety of finishes, including machined or brilliant polished, black or clear anodized, and a wide variety of Fusion-coated colors.

Nitrogen filled gas shocks and high-quality Delrin bushings make for a smooth reliable operation that is far superior to the stock hinges and their torsional springs. Designed as direct fit, bolt-on units, the hinges utilize the stock mounting holes, though they do require some minor drilling for the shock mount. For more information, contact Eddie Motorsports at (888) 813-1293 or

Another Buick In The Wall

Wheel Vintiques has added yet another wheel to its product line. The Buick Rallye has been sought after for decades by collectors and hobbyists alike, and now the hunt is over, with brand-new versions available. The new 57 Series Buick Rallye can be had in 15x6, 15x7, 15x8, and 15x10 sizes. For more information, contact Wheel Vintiques at (855) 899-8084 or

Underfloor Pedals

These new Jim Meyer Racing Products early Ford-style single or double underfloor pedal assemblies will give your firewall the smooth look and your interior an original look. The assembly features a steel cage, removable pedals with bronze bushings on a 3/4-inch-diameter shaft, and 1/2-inch-diameter pedal holes at the top of the pedal arms. They are designed for dual-chamber, two-bolt master cylinders with or without a booster to fit under the floor.

Available as a universal fit or model specific, the pedal assembly welds to the inside of the framerail. Boosters, master cylinders, and brake plumbing products are also available. For more information, contact Jim Meyer Racing Products at (541) 994-7717 or

Cast To Go Fast

Speedway Motors’ Tru-Ram stainless steel exhaust manifolds are now available for GM’s LS1 and big-block Chevy motors, combining the reduced noise level and low maintenance of a cast manifold with the excellent flow characteristics and dramatic performance gains of a tube header. The LS1 manifolds tuck tight against the engine block, providing the ultimate in frame and steering clearance for a wide range of applications. Large 1 3/4-inch primary ports and 3-inch outlets deliver fantastic flow and horsepower gains. The big-block versions also tuck tighter against the block than other header designs, with large, smooth 1 7/8-inch primary ports, combined with 3-inch outlets.

The extra-thick manifold flanges not only eliminate leaks, they also allow the manifolds to be port-matched to the gaskets and cylinder heads if desired. Both styles of manifolds are available highly polished or unpolished, and have standard three-bolt header flanges. They’re manufactured from tough 17-4 stainless steel, which delivers a strong casting that polishes to an extremely brilliant luster, in addition to resisting corrosion. The cast stainless construction is much better at minimizing noise and retaining heat than tube-style headers. Gaskets and stainless steel hardware are included with each pair. For more information, contact Speedway Motors at (800) 979-0122 or

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