Another Buick In The Wall

Wheel Vintiques has added yet another wheel to its product line. The Buick Rallye has been sought after for decades by collectors and hobbyists alike, and now the hunt is over, with brand-new versions available. The new 57 Series Buick Rallye can be had in 15x6, 15x7, 15x8, and 15x10 sizes. For more information, contact Wheel Vintiques at (855) 899-8084 or

Underfloor Pedals

These new Jim Meyer Racing Products early Ford-style single or double underfloor pedal assemblies will give your firewall the smooth look and your interior an original look. The assembly features a steel cage, removable pedals with bronze bushings on a 3/4-inch-diameter shaft, and 1/2-inch-diameter pedal holes at the top of the pedal arms. They are designed for dual-chamber, two-bolt master cylinders with or without a booster to fit under the floor.

Available as a universal fit or model specific, the pedal assembly welds to the inside of the framerail. Boosters, master cylinders, and brake plumbing products are also available. For more information, contact Jim Meyer Racing Products at (541) 994-7717 or

Cast To Go Fast

Speedway Motors’ Tru-Ram stainless steel exhaust manifolds are now available for GM’s LS1 and big-block Chevy motors, combining the reduced noise level and low maintenance of a cast manifold with the excellent flow characteristics and dramatic performance gains of a tube header. The LS1 manifolds tuck tight against the engine block, providing the ultimate in frame and steering clearance for a wide range of applications. Large 1 3/4-inch primary ports and 3-inch outlets deliver fantastic flow and horsepower gains. The big-block versions also tuck tighter against the block than other header designs, with large, smooth 1 7/8-inch primary ports, combined with 3-inch outlets.

The extra-thick manifold flanges not only eliminate leaks, they also allow the manifolds to be port-matched to the gaskets and cylinder heads if desired. Both styles of manifolds are available highly polished or unpolished, and have standard three-bolt header flanges. They’re manufactured from tough 17-4 stainless steel, which delivers a strong casting that polishes to an extremely brilliant luster, in addition to resisting corrosion. The cast stainless construction is much better at minimizing noise and retaining heat than tube-style headers. Gaskets and stainless steel hardware are included with each pair. For more information, contact Speedway Motors at (800) 979-0122 or