Kickin’ It

The Kicker DX600.5 five-channel amplifier provides reliable, relentless power in a high-performance, multimedia system. Kicker DX-Series amplifiers always exceed rated power, and now feature Fail-Safe Integration Technology (FIT). Alternators, computers, and A/V entertainment results in additional noise pulsing through today’s vehicles. FIT utilizes isolated differential inputs, rejecting noise and electrical interference for the quietest operation possible and ultimate audio clarity. FIT also allows Kicker amps to accept output from nearly any factory or aftermarket head unit, and comes standard on all Kicker amplifiers.

DX-Series Multi-Channel amplifiers give the listener multiple channels for a choice of installation configurations, including the five-channel hybrid with a 300-watt sub section. It rates at 75 watts by 4 channels (2 ohms at 14.4 V) with internal electronic crossovers and KICKEQ Bass Boost for precision tuning. The DX600.5 is remote capable with the ZXRC sold separately. For more information, contact Kicker at (800) 256-5425 or

Be Seen With A Winner!

Watson’s StreetWorks took one of their safety award-winning products and improved it, adding a sequencing feature to the amber turn signals on their superbright LED taillights with separate amber LEDs. If you have turn signals that are separate from the brake lights you can have award-winning lights on your ride.

Each light has 40 superbright red LEDs for taillight and brake light plus 12 superbright amber LEDs dedicated for turn signals. The 12 amber LEDs sequence 4-4-4. The LEDs are mounted in an aluminum housing and the 15 1/4x1/2x1/4-inch thick clear lens with prismatic diffuser is built into the body of the vehicle. Not all vehicles with separate turn signals are adaptable to LED lights. For more information, contact Watson’s StreetWorks at (860) 859-0513 or

Bracket Racing

Keep the rearend tracking straight under your car or truck with Jim Meyer’s adjustable and urethane bushed bolt-in Panhard bar that can fit any pickup or car. The 1-inch diameter, 0.156-inch wall Panhard bar features two available mounting brackets for the housing. One bracket (above right) is designed to bolt to any of the Jim Meyer four-link housing bracket kits. However, also available is a custom four-link bracket with no holes to fit your existing four-link setup (you drill the holes), while the other U-bolt–style bracket (above left) bolts to the rearend housing where it fits best in your vehicle.

A 24-inch-long bar is shown. However, like all Jim Meyer products, it is tailored to fit your application and is available in any length. The frame end bracket can be bolted or welded to the chassis. All housing brackets have a multi-hole selection to fit the stance you like best. All products can be sold separately. For more information, contact Jim Meyer Racing Products at (800) 824-1752 or

Drag Star

The Buick Nailhead is a popular engine with traditional rodders seeking to use something other than the ubiquitous SBC, and with gaining popularity comes available speed equipment. Centerville Auto can help with induction for these engines with this new six-deuce log manifold. Originally called Drag Star manifolds, these were popular when more carburetors meant more speed, and this is an exact copy of the first and very sought after,“tall” version, once offered by Weiand.

These reproduction castings are designed to use twin balance tubes, just like the originals, and are made to accept Stromberg carburetors, but can also accept Holley/Chandler Grove carburetors with slight modification. For more information, contact Centerville Auto at (530) 272-1564 or

You’ve Been Warned

New Vintage brings a new way to incorporate turn signals, high beam, and warning lamps to your dash. The indicator panels and gauges feature OEM graphics and icons to install lamps in a clean, professional manner. Signals and check-engine warnings are all clearly labeled and lighted in the appropriate colors, and with icons you’ll recognize from your late-model daily driver.

A solution to a long-standing problem, there’s no more guessing what a lighted LED or warning lamp signifies. For more information, contact New Vintage at