Nailing It

Centerville Auto has specialized in Buick Nailhead engines since 1969. These direct bolt-on machined aluminum pulleys are the company’s latest addition to its catalog of parts. They’ll fit later-model Nailheads that came with air conditioning or the factory heavy-duty cooling package, specifically for the ’64-66 Buicks and some of the ’63s.

The pulleys can also work on other Nailheads, depending on which combination of parts is used. The set shown replaces the pulleys on the crank and water pump, and is supplied with mounting hardware. They can also be purchased separately. For more information, contact Centerville Auto at (530) 272-1564 or

Da Bomb

Who hasn’t had a Cherry Bomb muffler fitted to a car in their past? Well, the company has released this new “Ol’ Skool” muffler, featuring a straight-through louvered baffle design. Constructed from aluminized steel, and covered in the iconic Cherry Bomb red color, the company is aiming the muffler at the traditional hot rod owner.

Recommended for use on Flatheads, early Hemis, Nailhead Buicks, and other low-compression engines, you can get more information by contacting Cherry Bomb at


Classic Instruments offers a revolutionary new design in fuel senders. Most aftermarket senders use a float arm, which can lead to erratic pointer movement. The Floatless Fuel Sender utilizes an internal pressure transducer. A hollow tube extends into the fuel, which fills up to the level in the tank. The change in pressure at the transducer is directly related to the level of fuel. As the fuel level increases, so does the pressure.

The all-plastic design, with no moving parts to wear out, eliminates any possibility of corrosion due to alcohol, while the tubular design acts as a dampener to prevent the gauge pointer from moving due to fuel slosh. Top mounted using the aftermarket standard SAE five-hole mounting flange, it’s supplied complete with neoprene gasket and mounting hardware. Available in three different ohm ranges, 0-90, 240-33, and 10-180, it is compatible with gasoline, diesel, oils, and many other fluids, and is designed for tanks 6-48 inches in depth. It is easily trimmed to fit individual fuel tanks. For more information, contact Classic Instruments at (800) 575-0461 or


We’ve had a couple of DVDs sitting on our desk just waiting for us to find time to watch them, and Thanksgiving offered just that opportunity.

Hot Rod Havoc 4 follows the tried-and-true formula of the preceding three DVDs, with a punk sound track accompanying footage of hot rods, customs, shows, and drag racing, mainly in SoCal but also from NorCal and Hawaii this time around. With no annoying commentary, just put this DVD in the shop TV and let it run! Check it out at

The Kustom Photography of George Barris is somewhat special, featuring Barris being driven around his old stomping grounds in Brad Masterson’s Chevy fastback, visiting many of the locations he used to shoot kustoms back in the day. Barris explains the lighting, and how he’d go about his shoots. Jay Mason of Chrome and Light Vintage Photography gives the viewer an insight into how he recreates Barris’ style today, while renowned hot rod historian Greg Sharp describes many of the cars Barris shot. There’s also a great section with Barris and Larry Watson going over old times! Produced by Mad Fabricators Society, go to for more information.

Bad Cad

Dropped spindles can be the best way to lower the stock suspension on a hot rod, maintaining full travel while tucking the tires into the fenders. A disc brake upgrade would be the next item on your list. Using their new in-house CNC machining capability, Fatman Fabrications has released new 2-inch dropped spindles for the ’57-60 Cadillac.

An integral mount for the effective and easy-to-source ’70-81 Camaro caliper is used along with ’73-87 12-inch Chevy pickup rotors. The standard 5-on-5-inch bolt circle is maintained, but disc brake capable wheels will be required. For more information, contact Fatman Fabrications at (704) 545-0369 or