Combo Gauge

Check out this new two-in-one speedometer/tachometer combo from Doc’s Kustom’s gauge division, Omega Kustom Instruments. The speedo/tach comes in black, white, tan, or silver as shown, and features a 4.725-inch stainless bezel with a true glass lens. The gauge fits a 4.375-inch hole, making it perfect for use in many early dashboards, for the center of a great-looking dash layout.

The speedometer features one-button programming, with an odometer and trip odometer, with an 8,000-rpm tach packaged at the bottom. It can also be flanked by four of Doc’s color-matched engine-function gauges. The company also offers a variety of “make-and-model specific” custom panels to complement the gauges. For more information, contact Doc’s Kustom at (229) 528-4300 or

Forging Ahead

Mounting a rearend on ladder bars has become a relatively simple job over the past few years thanks to SO-CAL Speed Shop’s housing and coilover brackets and buggy spring hangers. However, their steel plate construction isn’t exactly traditional in style, though their function cannot be denied.

That issue has been addressed, however, with these new drop forged versions. The recesses in the newly designed brackets definitely have a more traditional flavor, though the earlier versions are still available too. Housing brackets, coilover brackets, spring hangers, with or without matching gussets, and even Panhard rod brackets are all available now. Contact SO-CAL Speed Shop for more information at (909) 469-6171 or