New Vintage

Tired of limited choices when it comes to the gauge sizes in your ’47-53 Chevy truck? New Vintage USA has come up with a great way to achieve the look you want. Choose any of the company’s period-styled 4 3/8-inch gauge kits and add on their new mounting bracket for a perfect fit.

The precision-cut ABS bracket features new, original-style bezels for a factory-installed look. Ditch the billet and see for yourself the difference an NVU package can make in style, finish, and quality. For more information, contact New Vintage USA at

Tank Division

Doc’s Kustom has a gas tank manufacturing division that is, oddly enough, named Kustom Tanks. They will gladly build you a custom tank made to your own specifications, or, because the company makes a variety of tanks in useful sizes, they may already have one on the shelf that will fit your application.

All assemblies are built from lightweight 5052 aluminum, and are internally baffled and pressure tested. Every tank is constructed with a sender ring, filler neck, internal pickup tube, a rollover valve for added safety, and all are supplied with a sender installed. Also shown is Doc’s billet aluminum fuel-injection pump module featuring a high-performance pump, which can be ordered separately or installed in your tank assembly. For more information, contact Doc’s Kustom at (229) 528-4300 or

Life Begins At ’40

Of all hot rod steering wheels, the ’40 Ford wheel has to be one of the most popular and best looking. The design lends itself to a two-tone paint scheme, and let’s face it, it’s just a downright cool-looking steering wheel.

This version from Juliano’s is completely identical to the original except it’s machined from solid aluminum and comes with a lifetime warranty against cracking. In addition, it’s made in an ergonomically favorable 15-inch diameter, which many of us find just right, not just for maneuvering, but also for getting in and out of a vehicle. For more information, contact Juliano’s at (860) 872-1932 or

Breathin’ Easy

O’Brien Truckers now offers these ultra-cool valve cover breathers patterned after the ones released by G-T Equipment in 1964, featuring a distinctive four-fin design. Add your own color between the fins for extra detail, as shown, and they really pop. Each breather comes fully polished with stainless steel mounting hardware and a custom die-cut gasket to properly seal it to the valve cover surface.

The improved version is updated with a removable cover and open cell foam insert to keep the oil inside the valve covers. The mounting surface area is 7 1/2x1 1/4 inches, and the removable top cover measures 8 1/4x1 3/4 inches. The breather assembly adds only 2 1/4 inches to the side of the valve cover, and the height is 3 1/8 inches. For more information, contact O’Brien Truckers at (508) 248-1555 or

The Only Route To Take

OTB Gear has just introduced its Route 66 Series of four-barrel air cleaners. These nostalgic-looking air cleaners are a combination of spun and cast-aluminum components. The cast tops are polished to a show-quality shine, while the spun filter housing can be left natural, clearcoated, or painted.

Available in three designs, the Mohawk, Full Finned, and Orbit each feature a concealed, washable oiled filter and polished stainless steel fasteners. Part of the growing collection of old-school hot rod parts available from OTB Gear, these carburetor accessories are made in the United States. For more information, contact OTB Gear at (909) 595-4995 or

Fresh Air

Dakota Digital’s DCC Series Digital Climate Control system is designed for Vintage Air Gen IV Systems. Created to interface directly with a Gen IV air conditioning system, the DCC Series provides the convenience of full climate control. Similar to other Dakota Digital instruments, the DCC Series offers a full-character vacuum fluorescent digital readout to match VFD Digital Instrument Systems, or an LCD display matching the popular new VHX Hybrid Analog/Digital Instrument Systems.