The Stromberg TwoStep Progressive kits feature a primary lever with multiple mounting points to change the secondary opening point, allowing you to pull the front carburetor or push the rear carburetor open to suit your application. Other features include opposite threaded rod ends for easy adjustment, new Snapback throttle return springs, and stainless steel parts. For more information, contact Summit Racing at (800) 230-3030 or

Belting Along

March Performance offers this low-cost, all-inclusive serpentine kit for Chevy small-block short water pump engines. Replacing V-belts and pulleys and the associated belt throwing, the kit features a larger crank pulley to aid driving the 105-amp alternator, Sanden A/C pump, and water pump, all included in the kit, with the added benefit of improved charging during low-speed driving.

The mount assembly is CNC-machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminum, and is available in either black or silver finishes. All mounting hardware is included along with the accessories and associated pulleys, while power steering kits include the pump, brackets, and pulley. For more information, contact March Performance at (888) 729-9070 or