Pump It Up

Speedway Motors’ polished aluminum Flathead V-8 water pumps have a mirror-like finish that will dress up any Flathead engine, but their beauty is much more than skin deep. Unlike stock Flathead water pumps, which have quick-wearing bronze bushings, weak carbon seals, and a poor impeller design, Speedway’s Flathead pumps feature heavy-duty roller and ball bearings, ceramic seals, and modular impellers engineered for maximum flow and reduced cavitation.

Strong, 3/4-inch impeller shafts help ensure the longevity of these heavy-duty water pumps, which accept 5/8-inch-wide belts and are designed to fit ’49-53 Flathead Ford engines in ’32-48 Ford passenger cars and ’48-52 Ford pickups. For more information, contact Speedway Motors at (800) 979-0122 or www.speedwaymotors.com.

Coyote Air

After extensive development and testing, Vintage Air has released their latest Front Runner engine drive system for the Ford Coyote 5.0L engines. Like their previous systems, this Front Runner drive kit provides a compact, block-mounted package with race-quality technology and proven performance as the first priority.

The Coyote Front Runner system is the smallest drive component package available for easier engine swaps into older vehicles. This kit includes Vintage Air’s exclusive machined compressor/steering pump mounting bracket, SD7 compressor, remote reservoir power steering pump with pulley, integrated belt tensioner and idler pulley, ARP polished stainless bolts, and separate Dayco serpentine belt. The kit retains the Coyote engine’s OEM water pump, alternator, and drive belt. For more information, contact Vintage Air at (800) 862-6658 or www.vintageair.com.

Matched Trans

Performance Automatic, in its never-ending quest to stay on top of today’s need for modern-day transmission packages, has come up with an addition to its popular Street Smart Packages. The PAGM Series Street Smart Systems are exclusively designed to complement selected GMPP Crate Engines. Performance Automatic has developed a customized 4L80E electronic overdrive transmission package for the GMPP ZZ502, 502HO, ZZ454, and 454HO engines. The PAGM Series Packages have been designed for both performance and street ability. Kits also include all the necessary transmission components to complete the installation.

All electronic transmission packages come complete with the company’s Smart Shift transmission controller and matching wiring harness for a “plug in and go, no laptop required” installation. The Street Smart Converters are designed to give that stoplight to stoplight performance, and to stretch that tank full of gas running down the highway in lock up. For more information visit www.performanceautomatic.com.

The First Cut …

There’s no question affordable plasma cutters have made life easier for the hobbyist in recent years. HTP America’s MicroCut 600 is a real workhorse; with 40 amps of power you can cut up to 1/2-inch steel, but it’s small size and light weight (just 22 pounds) means you can take it anywhere. It only needs 30 amps of 220V power, and the infinite amperage adjustment lets you control the cutting. Dial the current down to 10 amps to perform precise cuts on thin-gauge sheetmetal, or crank the power up to 40 amps for serious frame fabrication and bracket building.

The 13-foot plasma torch features a new shoulder contact electrode and cutting tip for longer consumable life. This tip design means the arc starts instantly without high frequency, so you can start your arc right through rusty and painted metal, while reducing the possibility of damaging an onboard computer or any other sensitive electrical equipment you might be cutting near. For more information, contact HTP America at (800) 872-9353 or visit www.usaweld.com.

Bespoke Covers

Custom car cover manufacturer Coverking is launching a new program for owners of ultrarare or customized vehicles, offering a perfect-fitting, custom-made cover. Called “Bespoke”, this program allows for a truly custom cover for any custom vehicle. A team of pattern designers will come to your road vehicle, take a 3-D measurement using specialized scanners, and ship you a perfect-fitting Bespoke cover a mere week from the date of measure (additional travel charges apply outside of the SoCal area).

A variety of fabrics and colors are available to choose from, as well as custom piping, embroidery, and logos. Until now, the only option for owners of these specialized vehicles was to purchase a large, ill-fitting universal cover from an auto parts store. Now, through Coverking’s Bespoke program, any custom or rare machine can have the protection it deserves, no matter how unusual its shape. For more information contact Coverking at (800) 268-3754 or www.coverking.com.

Groovy …

Walden Speed Shop is now offering all the components for Cragar V-belt blower drives for the small-block Chevy. If you’ve been searching for one of these drives you’ll know they have not been produced for decades and the parts are even more difficult to locate. All of the aluminum components in this new version are 6061 billet aluminum, CNC machined for detail and accuracy, then tumbled for a cast appearance.

The billet aluminum is superior in strength and has all the details of the original, and all of the components are interchangeable with the original Cragar drives. This means Walden Speed Shop can supply you with a complete drive kit, or with replacement parts for your original Cragar drives. For more information, contact Walden Speed Shop at (909) 623-3747 or www.waldenspeedshop.com.

Easy Lifting

Afraid to lift that perfectly painted hood on your ’55 or ’56 Chevy to show off your detailed engine compartment because you know your original notchy hood hinges are going to squeak? Billet Specialties’ hood hinges for these models feature stainless hardware and precision bearings, ensuring smooth operation precision and are made in the United States.

Not only that but they feature 3-D machining and look great from any angle, and are available in three finish options—raw machined, black anodized, or fully polished. For more information, contact Billet Specialties at (877) 240-4187 or www.billetspecialties.com.

Light Work

SO-CAL Speed Shop released these F1-style headlight and shock mount combination brackets. Investment cast in stainless steel and then polished, they look good while providing a neater appearance than using two separate brackets. Supplied with steel tubes that are welded to the frame, the longer of which passes through the frame boxing plate, they won’t vibrate.

The brackets are supplied with all mounting hardware and fit most headlights with a cup-style mount. For more information, contact SO-CAL Speed Shop at (909) 469-6171 or www.so-calspeedshop.com.

Bush Fan

Inline Tube has released a factory reproduction of GM manual transmission shifter lever bushings. This part was used on GM shifters from 1970-79. Earlier ’60-69 shifters also used these, however they were molded to the shifter. Originals are often damaged and this part offers a great quality replacement that fits into the original’s existing hole.

Also recently added to the company’s inventory of quality concourse reproduction parts is a factory-correct, exact reproduction fan for GM alternators. This fits all GM applications from 1964-79. For more information, contact Inline Tube at (800) 385-9452 or www.inlinetube.com.

Bolt-in Handling

This bolt-in adjustable stance IFS for ’37-54 Chevy cars from Jim Meyer Racing Products will put the handling, stopping, and steering back in your ride, which will make it the driver you’ve always wanted. It’s supplied with 11-inch GM disc brakes as standard or optional Baer or Wilwood super stoppers, manual or optional power rack-and-pinion steering, and optional antisway bar.

The IFS bolts to the same 10 factory holes that held the original IFS and requires basic hand tools to install it in a weekend at home. It is very compatible with the original engine and all stock components, or any side-mount small-block, and offers increased ground clearance. Only two small welds are required. For more information, contact Jim Meyer Racing Products at (800) 824-1752 or www.jimmeyerracing.com.

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