Buy and Cell

The Aeromotive Stealth Fuel System line has shown that “big” fuel pumps can be both reliable and extremely versatile. What started as a simple weld-in sump with a built-in fuel pump has grown to include fuel cells, the ever-popular 340 Stealth Pump, to late-model Corvettes, Camaros, and now the ’05-09 Mustang.

However, while late-model Mustangs are hardly R&C territory, the new Stealth Fuel Cell with the popular 340-lph fuel pump is, especially to builders on a budget. The 340 cells are less expensive than their A1000 and Eliminator siblings and provide a number of performance advantages, including quiet, cool operation for the fuel pump by keeping it submerged through innovative baffling, even in extreme driving conditions. They are quiet and very easy to install. These cells save you a bundle (space, time, and cash) by eliminating all of the pre-pump plumbing usually required to run a fuel cell. For more information, contact Aeromotive Inc. at (913) 647-7300 or

Something Olds, Something New …

A dropped spindle can be the best way to lower the stock suspension on a hot rod, maintaining full travel while tucking the tires into the fenders. A disc brake conversion would likely be the next upgrade item on your list. Using the new in-house CNC machining capability, Fatman Fabrications designed their new 2-inch dropped spindles for the ’56-64 Oldsmobile.

An integral mount for the effective and easy to source ’70-81 Camaro caliper is used along with a ’73-87 12-inch Chevy pickup rotor. The standard 5-on-5-inch bolt circle is maintained, but disc brake capable wheels and master cylinder will be required. For more information, contact Fatman Fabrications at (704) 545-0369 or

Black Pedallin’

Control Cables’ new firewall-mount throttle pedal is machined from high-quality 6061-T6 aluminum. It features a spring-loaded pedal pad with a rubber insert, approximately 3 1/2 inches long, 1 1/2 inches wide at the top, tapering to 1 1/4 inches at the bottom for a clean, sporty look. The two connecting arms for throttle mounts have 36 splines for greater adjustment and are fully reversible.

The 3/4-inch base with oil lite bushings allows for very smooth operation and long life. The pedal is available in a black anodized or brushed finish. Also shown is Control Cables’ optional billet aluminum brake pad. For more information, contact Control Cables at (562) 949-0455 or

Store More!

Space-Trac mobile shelving systems improve storage efficiency, with up to 75 percent more storage in the same footprint, yet at about the same cost as conventional shelving. These high-density, light-duty modular storage systems feature a special sliding carriage design. Wheels with automotive-grade ball bearings glide smoothly on rugged 6061-T6 aluminum guidance tracks, even with fully loaded shelves.

Space-Trac enables easy access to a higher number of items by sliding to create an aisle with the side-by-side model, sliding to reveal shelves or a wall behind with the lateral model, or by sliding a unit forward with the pull-out model. Each comes in total storage weight capacity options of 450, 750, or 900 pounds, measures from 60 to 72 inches tall, and has shelves from 15 to 36 inches deep. There’s even a heavy-duty 950-pound pull-out model. For more information, contact Space-Trac at

Heat Protection

New from Thermo-Tec is this high-tech heat barrier with a bright, anodized gold finish. Anodizing is a process where the aluminum foil finish is made stronger and more durable. The gold surface can handle radiant temperatures up to 1,800 degrees F and reflect 80 percent of radiant heat. The fiberglass insulation backing can handle continuous temperatures up to 300 degrees F and has a strong adhesive backing for easy application. It’s ideal for use on firewalls, underhood, the undercarriage, fiberglass fairings, or anywhere else heat protection may be needed. The gold heat barrier comes in three sizes: 12x24, 24x24, and 24x48 inch. For more information, contact Thermo-Tec at (800) 274-8437 or