Classic Rodder

When you think of Center Line Wheels, you likely immediately think of the classic drag race wheel, but check out the Classic Rodder from Center Line’s Hot Rod Series. With a nostalgic five-spoke appearance they will suit a number of build styles.

A two-piece design, the Classic Rodder is available in 15- and 17-inch diameters, with many widths, offsets, and bolt patterns. For more information, contact Center Line Wheels at (800) 345-8671.

Street Smart

Performance Automatic’s GM Series Street Smart systems are exclusively designed to complement the GMPP 350DX, 350HO, ZZ4, and RJ350 crate engines. The company has developed a customized 4L60E electronic overdrive transmission that is included in all PAGM Series Packages, which has been designed for both performance and street ability.

The package also includes all the necessary components to complete the installation, and their Smart Shift transmission controller and matching wiring harness for a “plug in and go, no laptop required” installation. For more information, contact Performance Automatic at (240) 439-4650 or

Stealthy Livin’

Performance Coatings’ Stealth Black ceramic coating makes a great statement on intake manifolds, exhaust manifolds, or any suspension parts you’d like to enhance with a highly durable, heatproof satin-black finish. The finish can withstand up to 1,400 degrees, which far-surpasses heatproof paints and other types of coatings.

The company also offers a natural cast iron ceramic coating that simulates the bare OEM cast finish for restorations, as well as Performachrome, the company’s signature ceramic process recognized for its chrome-like appearance, plus a full-service powdercoating operation. For more information, contact Performance Coatings at (770) 478-2775 or

Control Freaks

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has introduced new digital controls and new headgear for its Arc Armor Digital Elite, Digital Performance, and Digital Pro-Hobby Series auto-darkening welding helmets. The all-new digital controls make it easier for the welder to adjust shade, delay, and sensitivity, even when wearing gloves, compared to previous digital and analog designs. The new headgear is designed to increase comfort, and offers more flexibility with six points of adjustment.

The updates also include the introduction of two new female-inspired graphic designs: Fury and Illusion. These are the industry’s first large-window professional-grade helmets with graphics for women. The full line of Arc Armor digital helmets comes with a new three-year warranty that matches the longest warranty in the industry for a welding helmet. For more information, visit Miller at

Spirited Choice

Thirty-four years after Boyd Coddington started producing billet wheels one at a time, his son, Chris, continues the legacy in the same small shop in Southern California. The latest addition to the Hot Rods By Boyd line of wheels is the Spirit Of Boyd (S.O.B.), built in an affordable cast configuration.

Available in sizes ranging from 17x7 to 20x15 with a wide range of backspacing, and featuring an A-356 center and 6061 spun-aluminum outer, each S.O.B. wheel incorporates the same attention to detail as the billet line but at a lower price. For more information, contact Hot Rods By Boyd at (866) 612-2693 or

Dirty Squirters?

With the increased use of fuel-injected engines within our hobby, we have to learn new tricks. Take fuel injectors for example. Would it cross your mind to have them cleaned or serviced? DeatschWerks has offered fuel injector services for over five years, and is now a one-stop shop for testing and service.

The services offered range from the enthusiast who requires basic product cleaning, rebuilding, and testing, to the calibrator who requires advanced linearity and offset data to optimize idle, driveability, and power in different applications and setups. When you receive your injectors back, you’ll also get a report that includes all the data pertaining to your service. For more information, visit DeatschWerks at