Take a Bullet

Rocket Racing wheels have complemented their line of retro-inspired wheels with Bullet Lugs, which fit every new Rocket Racing wheel from the Rocket Fuel, Booster, Injector, Igniter, Launcher, Strike, and Velocity series. These chrome-plated lug nuts provide the perfect accent, and can be ordered as a Bullet Lug and Lock Kit too.

The Bullet Lug set includes 20 chrome-plated conical seat Bullet Lugs, each 0.800 inch in diameter and 1.75 inches long. Choose from 1/2- or 7/16-inch or 12mm 1.5 thread. To install, use a 17mm-deep hex socket. The Lug and Lock Kit includes 16 chrome-plated Bullet Lugs, four Bullet Locks, one 17mm socket, and one socket lock, in the same thread choices. For more information, contact Rocket Racing Wheels at (888) 307-7525 or visit www.rocketracingwheels.com.

Cool Pans

Derale has a range of cooling pans for transmissions. Shown here is the pan for a GM TH350, but they are also available for the TH400 in both regular and deep versions, 700-R4, 4L60, 4L60E, 4L80, and 4L80E, as well as Ford E40D, 4R100, SR110, and 110W transmissions.

The TH350 version carries two extra quarts of fluid capacity, while the patented turbulator cooling tubes reduce fluid temperatures by 20-50 degrees F. It has an 1/8-inch NPT temperature sending port, a magnetic drain plug with rubber/steel washer, and pan gasket included, and is finished in a two-stage, heat-dissipating black finish. For more information, contact Derale at (323) 266-3850 or visit www.derale.com

Stainless Steer

Ididit has introduced a new polished stainless steel finish for their popular do-it-yourself Old School straight steering column. This 304 stainless steel column comes in a standard length of 36 inches but can be cut down with ease to any length desired, as short as 6 inches! It features a tube diameter of 1 1/2 inches and a DD output shaft of 3/4 inch.

We used the regular steel version of this column in our Notso Special Model A project. It’s a snap to shorten, and any three-bolt steering wheel will bolt right up with no adapter required. Specially designed underdash and floor mounts are also available. For more information, contact ididit at (517) 424-0577 or visit www.ididitinc.com.

Stub It Out

Fatman Fabrications’ frame stubs were developed to allow the installation of a modern IFS into cars whose original frame did not allow use of a simple crossmember. By carefully plotting the location of the radiator, sheetmetal, and bumper mounts, these trick units can easily replace the original front frame and mount Fatman’s custom IFS systems for up-to-date handling and style. (Shown is a ’57 Buick stub.)

Options include coilovers, air ride, big brakes, power steering, amongst other options, to dial in the design you like best. Each stub is specific to its application, covering nearly any ’34-64 car, which was built with a factory-installed independent front suspension, so there’s no need to adapt a universal, you-make-it-fit-kit here! For more information, contact Fatman Fabrications at (704) 545-0369 or visit www.fatmanfab.com.

Switch It Up

If you love the classic chrome GM switch look but can’t find them anywhere, Watson’s StreetWorks can help. Their new Billet Paddle Rocker Switches, reminiscent of the old GM-style power window switches, have a bit of nostalgia and a whole lot of class. And with a range of choices in bezels and what they can do, your entire vehicle can have a consistent look.

Shown is a two-door power window kit with crossover but you can get the switches in oval, rectangular, or shield-style frames; three, four, or five switch panels; and with simple on/off or momentary functions. For more information, contact Watson’s StreetWorks at (860) 859-0513 or visit www.watsons-streetworks.com.

’57 Variety

Give your ’57 Chevy an authentic, stock-looking dash with modern electronics, thanks to Classic Instruments’ new gauge package. It includes fuel, oil, temp, and volt instruments with a speedometer and tachometer.

The package features silver accented centers, brilliant orange pool cue pointers with spun hubs, and OE original-styled green indices that improve lighting. For more information, contact Classic Instruments at (800) 575-0461 or visit www.classicinstruments.com.

Gasser Bars

Plant your rearend and get the traction to the ground with Jim Meyer racing’s Gasser ladder bar–style control arms. These longer ladder bars are designed for lots of horsepower and will keep housing flex to a minimum and eliminate spring windup. They are designed for any car or pickup with a chassis.

The 48-inch-long ladder bar kit features 1x0.156-inch wall DOM seamless tube ladder bars with left-right adjusters on the rear lower arms, and laser-cut three-hole adjustable front brackets, which you weld to the extra-long 2x3-inch box tube crossmember. This has to be cut to fit your chassis. Grade 8 3/4-inch fasteners and lock nuts are supplied. For more information, contact Jim Meyer Racing at (541) 994-7717 or visit www.jimmeyerracing.com.

Shady Tri-Five

Sun shields protect your dash from damaging UV rays, and help keep the interior cool, but universal shades usually fit poorly, if at all! California Car Cover has sun shields designed exclusively for ’55-57 Chevys, made with the metal dash and its contours in mind.

Three layers of premium quality material are laminated onto an insulating foam core, and the outside layer is reflective silver to divert heat away from the inside of your Tri-Five. The lining and outer trim are ultrasoft felt to prevent scrapes or scuffs, and positioning is easy—just unfold, set in place, and fold the visors down. An optional storage bag is available. For more information, visit California Car Cover at www.calcarcover.com.

Six-Speed LS

Pace Performance has developed a comprehensive kit to install a Tremec T56 six-speed transmission behind any LS-based engine with an eight-bolt crankshaft flange, designed to handle up to 650 lb-ft of torque. This kit uses a hydraulic throw-out bearing, though the clutch master cylinder is not included.

What you do get is an SFI-approved steel bellhousing, inspection cover, and hardware, bellhousing-block bolts, a 12-inch HD clutch and pressure plate, hydraulic throw-out bearing, 14-inch SFI approved eight-bolt LS flywheel, flywheel-crankshaft bolts, large- and small-diameter roller pilot bearings, aT56 driveshaft yoke, and necessary pigtail connectors. For more information, contact Pace Performance at (800) 748-3791 or visit www.paceperformance.com.

Tank Mount

Sherman Parts now has gas tank mounts available for ’59-60 Chevrolets. These new panels match all the details of the hard-to-find originals, are supplied ready for installation, and are made in Detroit.

The company also offers exterior and underbody sheetmetal, repair panels, and accessories for vintage and late-model Chevrolets, as well as Chrysler and Ford vehicles. For more information, contact Sherman Parts at (800) 345-9487 or visit www.shermanparts.com.

Clearing Rack

Patriot Exhaust Products has recently introduced a new header for the popular ’55-57 Chevy passenger cars equipped with a 396-502 big-block Chevrolet and Unisteer rack-and-pinion or similar. It uses long 1 7/8-inch primary tubes, which result in more horsepower and torque when compared to tight tuck or block hugger styles.

Patriot’s design team paid special attention for extra ground clearance that makes slammed cars driveable and above-framerail exhaust system installation easy. The headers are available in a raw finish or polished high-luster metallic ceramic coating. For more information, contact Patriot Headers at (909) 599-5955 or visit www.pertronix.com .

Power Cranking

The latest product from Electric-Life is a power window switch, which utilizes the original crank handle, allowing power windows with an original interior appearance. CNC machined from military-grade Delrin, a lightweight, wear-resistant thermoplastic, the switch can be installed on both reverse polarity and straight power window motors, delivering up to 20 amps of power to the motor. Designed with different shaft choices, this provides quality, ease, and precise installation on any vehicle.

There are four possible parts to suit almost any vehicle, specifically GM vehicles with a short spline from 1950 and younger, any GM long spline from 1950 and younger vehicles, any Ford spline from 1950 and younger vehicles, and last but not least PN 45823, which will fit any vehicle pre-1950. Every crank switch comes complete with a wiring harness and connectors to connect directly to your power window system. For more information, contact Electric-Life at (800) 548-2168 or visit www.electric-life.com .