To The Point

If you do any TIG welding at all, you'll know the importance of having a perfectly sharpened tungsten electrode. HTP America does too, and has released two battery-operated tungsten grinders. Both offer precisely cut, flattened, and sharpened electrodes, with six speeds to choose from, ranging from 8,000 to 30,000 rpm, with a digital display.

The difference between the two is that one puts the perfect 22.5-degree point on the electrode, while the other is adjustable, allowing the angle of the point to be adjusted from 10 to 30 degrees. Standard or adjustable, both grinders come with 1/16-, 3/32-, and 1/8-inch collets, a carrying case with 110V charger, and two 12V lithium batteries. Both are also available as 110V models too, while all will certainly eliminate the contaminated grinding wheel most often used to sharpen electrodes! For more information, contact HTP America at (800) USA-WELD or

Tri-ing Time For Fords

Patriot Exhaust Products has recently introduced a New Tri Y design header specifically to fit small-block Ford V-8 engines, tuck very tight to the engine, and achieve maximum ground clearance. These headers are a good alternative for a street rod application where space is at a premium and longer tubes for more power are a concern over common block huggers.

The headers are built with 5/16-inch-thick machined flanges at the cylinder head and three bolt outlet flanges. The oval port, under the chassis exit design, is made from 16-gauge tubing for durability with 1 5/8-inch primaries, 2 1/4-inch secondaries, and 2 1/2-inch collectors for increased horsepower and torque.

Supplied complete with header gaskets, bolts, and reducers, the headers are available in raw steel or Patriot's metallic ceramic coating for increased resistance to corrosion and thermal fatigue. For more information, visit Patriot Exhaust Products at

Keyless Ignition

Flaming River has expanded its line of Keyless Ignition Systems to include a new “Hands Free” programmable unit that uses RFID proximity technology to automatically authorize your vehicle to start. The system can stand alone in any vehicle, or be integrated into any of their tilt columns in a paintable, black powdercoat, or polished finish. This new system is fully programmable to allow you to use your keyless entry/trunk release system, door poppers, or other popular remotely controlled accessories. A single fob can even be programmed to operate multiple vehicles.

Other convenient features include the ability to learn and recognize additional key fobs or replacement fobs, an emergency bypass mode that allows the vehicle to be started using a unique PIN, and a security lockout feature that prevents the system from being activated when the key fob is inside of the vehicle's proximity range. For more information, contact Flaming River at (800) 648-8022

Rear Shields

Despite being located behind the bumper on passenger cars, gravel shields seem to suffer from damage, as well as rust. The Filling Station has made reproductions available for the rear of '49-50 and '53-54 cars. Stamped from 18-gauge steel, they have the correct contours and holes, allowing for a perfect fit.

This panel fits between the rear bumper and the body, perfectly finishing an area of bodywork that has long been unavailable. For more information, contact The Filling Station at (800) 841-6622 or