You Startin'?

There's nothing worse than hearing click-click-click when you turn the ignition key, except maybe no sound at all! Kanter Auto Products supplies a full line of starters, generators, and solenoids for collector and vintage cars, as well as a rebuilding service. All are available in 6V or 12V configurations, so whether it's a starter for a Nailhead or a generator for a Hemi, if it's not in stock they can rebuild your unit. All are backed by a lifetime warranty for the length of time you own the vehicle. For more information, contact Kanter Auto Products at (800) 526-1096 or


We showed you the OE Polished range of wheels from Circle Racing Wheels in our last issue, but the company also makes this 88 Series Lakester wheel. Offered in 15- to 20-inch diameters, with too many width options to mention here, they can be had with a hard or soft lip, the latter in diameters 17 inch and above.

As with the OE Polished range, standard backspacing varies by size, though there is some flexibility in this, and special backspacing can be determined at the time of ordering. All wheels are custom built to order. For more information, contact Circle Racing Wheels at (559) 251-1127 or

Back Half

For over 20 years Jim Meyer Racing Products has offered either a fabricated or a mandrel-bent rear subframe designed to fit the back half of your car. The 2x4-inch box tube subframe is available any width with a standard Currie Round Back custom width 9-inch rear housing with Dutchman alloy axles (31 or 35 spline), an Alston Fab9 Championship Style quick-change, or any industry-standard 9-inch housing.

It features adjustable and urethane bushed Panhard bar, four-link control arms, or optional antisway bar. Standard features include drum brakes or optional large-diameter disc brakes, standard coilover shocks, or optional airbags. All products are available separately, including the four-link housing brackets. For more information, contact Jim Meyer Racing at (541) 994-7717 or

Carb Adaptors

There are many reasons why you may not want to use the carburetor that your intake manifold is designed for, yet swapping the manifold to match may not be a viable option either. TransDapt Performance Products has had a handle on this situation since the 1960s, with its wide range of carburetor adapters, some of which are reversible.

Each adapter is precision designed to provide the smoothest transition between carburetor and intake manifold, and comes with gaskets and mounting hardware. Applications include Holley four- and two-barrels, Quadrajet, Rochester two-barrels, Tri-Power, Dominator, and more. For more information, contact TransDapt at (562) 921-0404 or

Pick Up, Bolt On

Not confident with a welder but want to build a 1947-53 Chevy pickup? Speedway Motors now offers a full line of bolt-together parts needing little more than hand tools and a drill. The line includes laser-cut seven-gauge steel framerails; IFS crossmember with interlocking boxing plates and adjustable upper spring seats; triangulated four-bar rear suspension, including 9-inch housing, center frame support, radiator support; fuel tank support brace; and engine mounts for SBC or LS V-8s.

All parts will fit a stock chassis, or used together will allow a complete chassis to be assembled in a weekend. Suspension and brake components are also available. For more information, contact Speedway Motors at (800) 979-0122 or

Vega Power

Given the popularity of the Vega manual steering box in hot rods, we have a feeling Classic Performance Products' new 400 Series Power Steering Box will be a success. Powerful while being lightweight and compact, this brand-new box utilizes late-model power steering technology, and allows use of the original steering column or aftermarket tilt column.

The 13.6:1 ratio is comfortable for highway use, yet responsive for road course action, and will improve driving enjoyment in any hot rod application that currently uses a manual Vega box. For more information, contact CPP at (714) 522-2000 or

Portable Air

Having a portable air compressor in your car is useful for so many more jobs than inflating tires. Got air shocks, inflatable chairs, or rafts? It'd even be useful for blowing parts clean should you have to make roadside repairs, like emergency carb rebuilds.

Viair portable compressors (except automatic models) are shipped complete with an open-ended air hose, and models from 300P up to 450P are equipped with a quick-disconnect coupling, pressure gauge, replaceable air filter, sand tray, and carry bag. Models 65P, 85P, and 88P do not come with a bag. For more information, contact Viair at (949) 585-0011 or

Custom & Restyling

The Rodder's Journal has released the Dan Post Custom & Restyling box set, a reproduction of seven books originally printed from 1944 to 1953. As rare as they are revered, the original books had a huge impact on the development of the early custom car style. Reproduced as a limited edition, the box set contains the six original titles plus a bound volume containing reproductions of all four editions of the extremely rare mimeographed pamphlets, Remodeler's Manual for Restyling Your Car, the earliest published texts on customizing, printed from 1944 to 1947.

The set has been lavishly reproduced in typical Rodder's Journal fashion, and at over 700 pages, contains every photo, illustration, and word Dan Post ever published on the subject. The first 1,100 sets will be numbered and signed by the Rodder's Journal Publisher Steve Coonan. For more information, contact Rodder's Journal at (650) 246-8920 or


The Ballistic D35 DieHard battery box is perfect for safely mounting a DieHard Platinum battery. CNC laser cut from 1/8-inch steel, then CNC bent, it allows you to retain the battery handle for easy removal.

Four tabs and six holes in the bottom allow for mounting in any position, though mounting hardware is not included. The unpainted battery box does include PEM nuts pre-installed, with hardware, to retain the battery. For more information, contact Ballistic Fabrication at (520) 888-4441 or

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