New Guards For Old School
Gravel guards get rusted, banged up, scraped, and sometimes go missing. The Filling Station has tracked down these quality replacements for 1953-54 two-door Chevrolets. Add some stainless steel trim and protect your paint from stone chips while you're at it!

These often-replaced fender shields fit nicely on all two-door 1953-54 Chevrolet models, including convertibles, hardtops, sedan deliveries, and sedans. For more information, contact The Filling Station at (800) 841-6622 or

Tough Buff Stuff
Mothers introduces Professional Rubbing Compound and Professional Finishing Polish, two industry-proven formulas used in body and detail shops worldwide, but now available to consumers. Over time, all finishes are subjected to small scratches, water spots, and abrasions. Professional Rubbing Compound quickly cuts through water spots and effortlessly removes heavy oxidation, car wash scratches, and other paint defects.

Professional Finishing Polish removes swirls, compounding scratches, towel marks, hazing, holograms, and other light imperfections. Finishing Polish safely reinvigorates your paint and creates a showroom-new, mirror-like finish that's ready for waxing. Both products are safe for all paints, including clearcoats, and are excellent for use after color sanding, allowing you to cut-and-buff to a brilliant shine, bringing out the best in your pride and joy. For more information, visit Mothers at

Fine-Tuned Ride Height
Stance can make or break a rod or custom, and sometimes there's only a 1- or 2-inch difference between "just right" or "not quite". That's precisely why Speedway Motors has developed these Mustang II Ride Height Adjusters to allow you to fine-tune the altitude on your Mustang II IFS.

Speedway's Mustang II Ride Height Adjusters can be used with nearly any aftermarket Mustang II–style front suspension that uses conventional coil springs and shocks. You simply trim the stock-style upper shock mounts from the spring towers and bolt the Mustang II Ride Height Adjuster assembly in place. The Mustang II Ride Height Adjusters use threaded mounting bases in conjunction with threaded upper spring seat sleeves, allowing the upper spring seats to be adjusted up or down to fine-tune your car's final ride height up to 2 inches. For more information, contact Speedway Motors at (800) 979-0122 or

Drill Driver
Ingersoll Rand has added this new 1/2-inch drill driver (D5140) to its IQ Series of cordless tools. Engineered to withstand harsh operating conditions, the all-metal single-sleeved locking and ratcheting chuck has carbide inserts to keep the bit from deforming the drill/driver during tough applications.

The D5140 has a 16-position clutch that gives the user more control, allowing the correct speed and pressure to be applied. This means the D5140 is powerful enough to drill out a broken bolt, but has the precision control to fasten a license plate without damaging it. For more information, visit Ingersoll Rand at