Jim Inglese Weber Carburetion now offers IR (Independent Runner) Weber and EFI induction units for the Ford Coyote engine. The eight-stack system will provide a dramatic increase in torque and horsepower throughout the entire rpm range, not to mention the visual impact of eight velocity stacks when you open the hood.

Every unit is custom-built and calibrated to suit your engine, and can be ordered in a wide variety of plating and other finishes exactly the way you want it built. The complete Weber system is comparable in price to the EFI system, though the latter also requires an ECU. Inglese offers eight-stack Weber and EFI systems for most types of Ford and Chevy engines. For more information, contact Jim Inglese Weber Carburetion at (203) 623-0659 or

Pump It Up

Tuff Stuff Performance Accessories announces the availability of Type II power steering pumps with a bottom-facing pressure port. Available in polished aluminum, black painted, or as-cast aluminum finishes, these pumps are designed to fit compact engine compartments where a bottom-facing pressure port is required. Pumps have either AN fittings or OE-style ports, depending upon part number.

These compact, lightweight aluminum pumps are ideal for hot rods, muscle cars, and vehicles with limited engine bay space. They provide up to 1,200 psi (850 psi is available upon request), flow 3 GPM, and are quality made in the United States using 100 percent new components. Optional chrome-plated or black-powdercoated pump mounting brackets are available separately. For more information, contact Tuff Stuff Performance Accessories at (800) 331-6562 or

Fresh T

Wintec Fabrication and Hot Rod Parts has just completed a new set of molds for its “Hot Rod Starter Kit” body, an enhanced ’23 T-bucket that comes standard with a flat ’32 dash. The body can be ordered with a fiberglass floor and bolt-in transmission tunnel, with a choice of a bonded 14-inch pickup bed or no bed at all. Also available is an installed, hinged, and latched operating passenger side door.

Wintec hot rod bodies are constructed from hand-laid fiberglass using the best ISO resins and gelcoat that require very little prep time for paint. The company specializes in a complete line of chassis and components to enable the home-based car builder to easily complete a T-bucket, T-tub, or Model A with minimum skill, time, and expense. For more information, contact Wintec Fabrication at (203) 294-1339 or

Turning Purple

Speedway Motors has added a vibrant purple color to its stylish line of nostalgia-style metalflake steering wheels. The wheels feature a classic three-spoke design with lightening holes in each chromed spoke. The easy-grip vinyl rims have metalflake molded into the durable grip material and are available in red, blue, green, silver, or the all-new purple.

The colorful wheels come in three sizes: 9 3/5-inch diameter with a 5 1/2-inch dish, 11 1/2-inch diameter with a 4-inch dish, and 13-inch diameter with a 3 1/2-inch dish. All styles use a common three-bolt mounting pattern. For more information, contact Speedway Motors at (800) 979-0122 or

One Tool Crimps All

PerTronix has just released a new Wire Terminal Crimping Tool for automotive use. This new set features an ambidextrous, ergonomic, non-slip, rubber grip for comfort and ease of use. According to PerTronix, the unique thing about this crimper set is the quick-release interchangeable die set. Unlike most crimpers, no tools are required to change the die sets. The five different sets of dies will handle the most common automotive terminals, including insulated and non-insulated terminals, D-Sub terminals, open barrel terminals, and natural spark plug wire terminals.

The rugged carbon steel tool body is finished in corrosion-resistant black oxide and the hardened die sets are zinc-plated chrome-moly. A ratcheting action provides for a precise uniform crimp every time and is adjustable. The entire kit comes in a blow molded plastic storage case. For more information, contact PerTronix Performance Products at (909) 599-5955 or

Manual Choke Mixers

Holley Ultra Double Pumpers are now available with a manual choke. These carburetors feature all-aluminum construction and are equipped with metering blocks and a baseplate made from 6061-T6 billet aluminum. The tumble-polished aluminum body is available in three anodized color options—red, blue, or black—for the baseplate and metering blocks. They are also available in the popular Hardcore Gray hardcoat anodized finish. The all-aluminum construction makes them approximately 5 pounds less than a comparable zinc carburetor.

The new Ultra Double Pumper Carburetors have an enhanced fuel curve for optimum performance, with many more features such as four-corner idle for precise idle control; mechanical secondaries for great performance; clear fuel level sight plugs for easy, no mess fuel level adjustments; Ford automatic transmission kickdown for use on popular Ford transmissions; four vacuum ports for all necessary vacuum accessories; and a manual choke for easy, fast, cold start-ups. For more information, visit Holley at

Vintage Attire

Officially licensed by Barris Kustom City, M&P Speed Apparel is proud to feature this faithful representation of the original Barris T-shirt. It is distressed-printed front and back on the company’s soft 100 percent cotton vintage-cut tees for a true, period style.

M&P offers a vast array of motorsports-influenced apparel, from resurrected speed shops and racetracks (drag and road course) to licensed Shelby Cobra and, believe it or not, the long-forgotten Barris Wild Ones series (originally designed as iron-on transfers in the ’60s). To view their entire selection of gearhead wares, visit M&P Speed Apparel at

Tres Cool

Typically, we’re accustomed to seeing our pal Keith Weesner’s name quite often—tagged at the bottom of his cool artwork, that is. Now, thanks to Tres Noir Handmade Optics, Weesner’s “signature” art is featured on three select styles of limited-edition Artist Series shades: Vengeance, 45’s, and Bombshell models.

“When the idea of re-launching the series came to life, we knew we needed to collaborate with an artist who embodies our brand. Nobody fit the bill better than Keith—his art is displayed throughout all of our homes, we’ve known him since the brand was born, and most importantly, he is an amazing artist.” For more info on the Weesner series, or any of Tres Noir’s full line of high-quality eyewear, visit

Family Traditional

Since 1920, German immigrant William Dehen has been hand knitting fine woolen wear from its various Portland, Oregon-based headquarters (which, during the Depression, happened to be his home basement). From school sweaters and varsity jackets to work wear, Dehen has continued its family tradition through three generations, not to mention over a quarter-century of world events, and to this day insists on producing the best handmade garments they’ve become known for.

Dehen’s current line of knitwear includes their Stadium Jacket (shown) and full-length Car Coat, both hand-stitched from Pendleton wool. To see more—and read the amazing story of William Dehen—please visit