High Output

Flaming River announces the addition of Billet HD Amp high-output alternators to its line of products. Precision-balanced low-mass rotors allow these alternators to operate safely at shaft speeds of 20,000-plus rpm. This high-rpm capability, plus excellent output at speeds as low as 400 rpm (they are rated at 120 amps at 800 rpm), give the user a broader operating rpm range and more flexibility in the size of the crankshaft pulley they wish to use.

The Billet HD Amp alternators use Twin Rectifier Plates with twice as many diodes as an OEM alternator—which results in 300 percent more surface area to dissipate heat. Cooler parts mean longer lasting parts! These alternators are the perfect solution for any vehicle struggling with premature alternator failure, intermittent electrical accessory problems, or low voltage at any engine rpm. Available in machined, polished, or black anodized finished, a charging cable is included with all units. For more information, contact Flaming River at (800) 648-8022 or www.flamingriver.com.

Gold Standard

Supercharged drag racers of the 1960s and 1970s and the wheel industry applied DOW 7 to protect their magnesium wheels. This gold coating quickly became iconic, but its durability was lacking. Combining vintage style with modern technology, the rocket scientists at Rocket Racing Wheels have formulated the latest in custom, durable powdercoated finishes: RPM 7.

Every newly purchased Rocket Racing Wheel can now be custom powdercoated with RPM 7 to provide your ride with the iconic mag style of the 1960s. RPM Custom Powder-Coat is only available on NEW Rocket Wheels, Rocket Center Caps, and Rocket Knockoffs. Custom finishes are made-to-order and require time to complete. For more information, contact Rocket Racing Wheels at (888) 307-7525 or www.rocketracingwheels.com.

Fuelish Things

Terminator EFI is the new line of carburetor replacement fuel injection from Holley Performance Products. The Terminator throttle body delivers fuel through an annular discharge ring for excellent fuel atomization and no restriction to airflow. The air-entry area is functioned after Holley's throttle body that powers every NASCAR Sprint Cup Series team and the ECU delivers fast and accurate self-tuning while you drive. No computer is needed.

Users answer a few basic questions on the included handheld tuner and then start driving. The 950-cfm square-flange throttle body comes with 80 lb/hr fuel injectors, which can handle engines from 250 to 600 hp. Terminator throttle body systems are available in a tumble polished aluminum finish or Holley's Hard Core Gray anodizing. The systems come with pre-wired throttle body, main wiring harness, handheld tuner, ECU, and necessary sensors. Fuel system kits are available separately and come complete with fuel pump, filters, regulator, and fittings. For more information, visit Holley at www.holley.com.

Go Bra-less

New Armor All Custom Shield Coating allows consumers an opportunity to ditch that pesky automotive bra on the front of their car for a more sleek and non-abrasive look. This new innovative product is a temporary, spray-on, peel-off coating that allows consumers to help protect their vehicle's paint and body from the elements.

This technology not only helps protect the vehicle, but it comes in black, white, and clear, giving consumers the ability to create a temporary customization. You could add racing stripes or stencil race numbers onto your doors and hood for track day, drag race, or autocross events. Custom Shield can even be used on wheels to defend against brake dust buildup. It lasts up to three months, and is simply peeled off when done. For more information, visit Armor All at www.armorall.com.

Smooth-Ridin' Shoebox

Jamco Suspension offers this new tubular A-arm ball joint conversion for 1949-53 Fords. The kit includes new powdercoated tubular upper and lower A-arms with ball joints installed, disc brakes and spindles, new coil springs, and new shock absorbers.

No longer do you have to tear down your suspension and send in your A-arms to be converted! This new kit bolts on, with no cutting or welding required. The new spindles drop the car about 1 inch, while the coils are available as stock, or with 1-, 2- or 3-inch drops, the shocks matching the height of the coils. The kit is available in 5-on-4.5 bolt pattern only. For more information, contact Jamco Suspension at (951) 549-1441 or www.jamcosuspension.com.

Finer Fasteners

Anyone who has struggled to install a GM manual trans from the 1980s will appreciate this new product from ARP. A set of 1/2-13 studs with a special rounded "nut starter" nose guides the transmission into place and aligns the input shaft with the clutch disc hub. The studs are hex broached for ease of installation.

Case bolts for Muncie four-speeds ('63-75) as well as bellhousing bolt kits form 1962 and later Mopar big-blocks and 1965-on Ford small-blocks are also new. All are available in polished stainless steel or black oxide finished 8740 chromoly steel, both rated at 170,000-psi tensile strength and substantially stronger than Grade 8. There's also a choice of hex or 12-point heads for bolts and nuts. For more information, contact ARP at (800) 826-3045 or www.arp-bolts.com.