Stacks of Fun

The idea of classic style combined with the superior performance of LS engines has become a reality with new Inglese LS 8-Stack Induction Systems. Designed to work with either EZ-EFI or XFI fuel injection systems, all necessary components, such as sensors, injectors, IAC, and a vacuum plenum are integrated, making the manifold an easy bolt-on.

The LS 8-Stack Induction System uses FAST intake face O-ring seals and also includes cast-in nitrous bungs that can be drilled out if required. Two versions are available to fit LS1-style cathedral port heads or for LS3/L92-style heads, and are sold as either a single manifold or a fully assembled system in polished or as-cast finishes. The LS 8-Stack Induction Systems also work with Inglese IDA carburetors and a complete linkage kit is available. For more information, contact Inglese at (866) 450-8089 or

Speed Freaks

Most gearheads will have tripped over the Speed Freaks brand of wild and wacky car sculptures. Perhaps you've seen them at Summit Racing? To date, over 50 cars and motorcycles have been produced. Terry Ross, the artist behind the brand, has always had a love-hate relationship with the collection, as the only offerings have been mass produced until now. Ross is now offering a new range of sculptures called Speed Freaks Originals. Currently the new collection consists of four new sculptures: Salt, Rat, Gofer, and Drag. All eventually will be mass produced and offered as part of the normal Speed Freaks range, but what makes these new subjects truly unique and highly desirable is you can buy one-offs direct from Ross' studio now!

To make each one even more tempting, you can personalize them. A rusty pickup with your name on the doors? Or a salt-covered '32 roadster in your colors with the title of your speed shop stretched along the sides? Cast in a combination of bronze and marble resin, Ross hand paints each one of these new editions himself and then mounts them on a hardwood base. All editions are signed, dated, numbered 1/1, and guaranteed to be a unique one-off. For more information, visit, then click on the "Speed Freaks” title on the menu bar.

The Pressure's On

Tuff Stuff Performance Accessories has announced the availability of Type II power steering pumps with a bottom-facing pressure port. Available in polished aluminum, black painted, or as-cast aluminum finishes, these pumps are designed to fit compact engine compartments where a bottom-facing pressure port is required. Pumps have either AN fittings or OE-style ports, depending on part number.

Compact in design, these lightweight aluminum pumps are ideal for hot rods or vehicles with limited engine space. They provide up to 1,200 psi (850 psi is available upon request), flow 3 GPM, and are quality made in the USA using 100 percent new components. Optional chrome-plated or black powdercoated pump mounting brackets are available separately. For more information, contact Tuff Stuff Performance Accessories at (800) 331-6562 or

Manifold Destiny

Burns Stainless is a provider of high-quality exhaust components for the professional racer and fabricator. Wishing to address numerous customer requests for a polish for stainless headers, Manifold Destiny has been developed and is used by the company specifically for cleaning and polishing stainless steel and Inconel exhaust components that have become discolored, stained, or oxidized. The formula also works wonders on other hard metals, such as chrome.

The compound is aggressive enough to revive severely discolored exhaust headers, yet fine enough to leave behind a smooth mirror-like finish on bright polished stainless steel exhaust tips. It will work wonders on your barbecue grille too! Available in 2 and 8 ounce sizes. For more information,

Mustang Mockups

Simplify the setup and installation of your Mustang II–style independent front suspension with a Mustang II T-Bar Mockup Kit from Speedway Motors. This kit is the perfect way to determine your vehicle's final ride height and verify critical dimensions during chassis construction. The easy-to-use T-bar assemblies are designed to bolt into the shock mount locations on both stock and aftermarket control arms, allowing you to mock up your Mustang II–style front suspension assembly without the hassle and potential danger of using coil springs or coilover shocks on an unweighted chassis.

With up to 3 inches of adjustability, the T-bar assemblies let you fine-tune the suspension and provide precise measurements for final chassis assembly. For more information, contact Speedway Motors at (800) 979-0122 or

More Power To Ya

Our kind of cars can spend long periods sitting idle, and while trickle chargers and monitored chargers can keep a battery fully charged, wouldn't it be nice to know your car will start at a moment's notice without having to disconnect wires before you turn the key?

Built with 99.99 percent pure lead pressure packed plates, the Odyssey Extreme Series battery by EnerSys delivers double the overall power and three times the life of conventional batteries. A classic combination of starting power and deep cycle reserve power ensures reliable starts, even after two years of sitting idle. For more information, visit Odyssey Battery at