Solid Start

While there is vast satisfaction in being able to say you built your car or truck yourself, there are some areas where it's both cost- and time-effective to let someone else do the hard work. A case in point being the frame: You could spend weeks cleaning, modifying, and welding on a frame, or buy one ready-built.

JW Rod Garage now offers frames for '48-52 and '53-56 Ford trucks. The frames are made of fully TIG-welded 10-gauge steel. Mustang II front crossmember, tubular centersection, rear coilover crossmember, and body mounts all come standard. For more information, contact JW Rod Garage at (888) 414-8787 or

Goin' All Hollywood

Classic Instruments has released the latest in an exclusive line of instrumentation designed specifically for Hollywood Hot Rods. The series features a nostalgic, distinguished appearance characterized by a black face on a spun metal dial. Concise numerals and indices show the detail of the spun metal while gold accent rings and the Hollywood Hot Rods crown logo ensure a look of elegance.

Finished with an orange Speedster pointer with a spun metal hub and white tip, a stainless low step bezel, and curved glass, this set is sure to provide a look of refined tradition. The series features a 3 3/8-inch speedometer and tachometer and 2 1/8-inch fuel, oil, temperature, and volt gauges. They are available individually or in five- or six-gauge sets that include all necessary sending units. For more information, contact Classic Instruments at (800) 575-0461 or

Paint Protectors

While built specifically for Ford Model As and '32-34 Fords, these double-bend nerf bars from McMillan Rod & Custom can be used on the front or back of many rods with framehorns that curve downward. The mounting brackets have a 20-degree bend in them to keep the vertical bar square to the ground.

The nerf bars are fabricated from high-quality, solid-type 304 stainless steel and polished to a mirror finish. Sold as pairs, they are available in 8- or 10-inch lengths. For more information, contact McMillan Rod & Custom at (715) 387-6847 or

Plumb Crazy

This is great, and a definite boon to any homebuilder. Speedway Motors' Universal Brake System Builder Kit comes complete with all the lines, valves, fittings, adapters, and clips you need to set up a typical specialty vehicle brake system. Why shop for dozens of individual components when one part number provides you with almost everything needed?

The kit includes a 25-foot roll of 3/16-inch mild steel brake line, dual outlet master cylinder brake lines, six 60-inch-long 3/16-inch brake lines, Wilwood proportioning valve, residual valves (two 2 psi and one 10 psi), six 3/8-24 IFF to 1/8-inch NPT male straight adapters, two 90-degree 3/8-24 IFF to 1/8-inch NPT male adapters, 3/8-24 IFF to No. 3 brake fitting, 3/8-24 IFF to 1/8-inch NPT female tee adapter, AN3 male to 1/8-inch NPT male adapter, brake line tabs, five 3/8-24 IFM thread nuts, and 10 3/16-inch insulated line clamps. For more information, contact Speedway Motors at (800) 979-0122 or

Twice The Fun

Following on from the recent development of Mac's Speed Shop's Flathead with Hogan dual plug heads, based on a French block and inspired by Ron Hogan's '50s head design for racing applications, the company announces a dual ignition setup to accompany the heads. The Hogan heads are unique to New Zealand, where Mac's Speed Shop is based, but they ship worldwide. Using the original casting patterns, the heads have been modified to run on the street.

The new Hogan dual ignition includes all the parts required to convert a regular Ford crab distributor for dual ignition use and this includes a specially machined 16-plug, twin-coil distributor cap, which looks impressive and complements the Hogan dual plug heads in both looks and performance. For more information, visit Mac's Speed Shop at

Revise Your Cleaning

Mothers Revision glass and surface cleaner quickly removes dirt, grime, oily film, and fingerprints from virtually any surface, leaving behind a sparkling clean, streak-free shine. It's not just for cars either, as it can be used just as effectively around the home or garage.

The pro-strength, ammonia-free formula effectively cleans glass, mirrors, plastic, and chrome, yet is safe enough for delicate window tint, gauges, GPS screens, smartphones, tablets, touch-screens, and other displays. For more information, visit