Maintaining Your Cool

Performance Automatic now offers a line of transmission coolers and accessories. Your street rod may be light in weight but it can still generate a lot of heat within the transmission. Normal driving builds plenty of heat but aggressive driving, or performance driving, can cause the strain to be even worse. Installing a transmission cooler on your hot rod or custom reduces the stress and strain on your transmission and helps it run more efficiently.

Installing a transmission cooler is the best way to prevent overheating and stop the transmission fluid from breaking down. Once the transmission cooler is in place the engine and the transmission will not have to work as hard. Performance Automatic trans cooler kits include a polished aluminum stack plate cooler, high-pressure braided steel lines, and all the fittings. For more information, contact Performance Automatic at (240) 439-4650 or

Delivery With a Punch

Aeromotive offers an A3000 fuel pump that is an upgraded version of their popular A2000. The A3000 weighs less, has more flow at pressure, and innovative modular features and mounting options, such as a removable and indexable fuel filter and true diaphragm-controlled bypass regulator.

When the A3000 is mated with the 100-micron filter (PN 11218) and/or the pressure regulator (PN 11217) (both parts sold separately), you have the ability to independently index those components for a custom installation in your chassis. If you already have a compatible pre-filter or don't want to utilize a return on the pump, the pump can operate as a “stand alone," featuring a -12 ORB inlet port and -10 ORB outlet port. For more information contact, Aeromotive at (913) 647-7300 or

Custom Touch for Bumper Brackets

McMillan Rod & Custom now offers many of your custom bracket needs. They produce these new bumper brackets from type 304 stainless steel. Be it reproducing a rusty old set of existing brackets or designing and fabricating a custom set, call them for quality, quick service, and pricing. For more information, contact McMillan Rod & Custom at (715) 387-6847 or

More Warranty Than You Will Need!

RideTech is long known for their shocks and suspensions and like any good manufacturer they offer a great warranty. They are so confident in their new shock's durability that they are offering a 1,000,001-mile warranty—yep, a million and one miles.

For rodders with the traditional tube or I-beam axle there's the shock with historically short travel. Unfortunately short travel leads to unusually harsh ride. RideTech now offers their straight-axle specific, mono-tube shock that was built with the help of some great names from the street rod industry: Roy Brizio Street Rods, Johnson's Hot Rod Shop, FIX Racing, and others.

The shocks are straight-axle specific, have a custom preset compression and rebound valving, shortened length to allow sufficient travel, and polished aluminum finish. They come in 7.9 to 11.2 inches and 9.3 to 14.1 inches in compressed to extended length, mono-tube design (covered or uncovered shaft), and, of course, the 1,000,001-mile warranty. For more information, contact RideTech at (812) 481-4787 or

Performance for Your Street Cruiser

Schwartz Performance now offers a chassis that will easily handle your 1959-60 fullsize Chevrolet. The full perimeter G-Machine Chassis accepts all of the original X-frame mounting points. The perimeter chassis design handles the girth of these cars and produces a luxury car ride coupled with sports car–like handling. This design also allows for a one-piece driveshaft and provides increased clearance for the exhaust.

The front suspension features needle-bearing–equipped upper A-arms with separate camber and caster adjustments. A triangulated four-bar system is used in the rear and incorporates Teflon-lined spherical rod ends for bind-free operation. Their chassis also utilizes longer shocks at all four corners than any other chassis with the intent to produce optimum ride quality with a low stance.

Engine mounts are available for small-, big- and W-block Chevys, as well as any LS-based platform. The adjustable transmission mount will accept nearly any transmission as well. For more information, contact Schwartz Performance at (815) 206-2230 or

Bright Lights

LED technology by CREE, combined with Delta Tech's lead crystal prismatic lens, delivers power, clarity, and near daylight illumination at 1800 Lumen per light while drawing only 2 amps. This high luminous power comes with useful life of 25,000 hours, or 22 years. The LED bulb is encased in an aluminum heat sink further assisted by a mini fan working at 12,000 rpm to provide continuous heat dissipation.

The most significant advantage to this photo-metrically, prism-controlled LED system is its serviceability of components allowing for easy replacement of any specific component rather than replacing the entire unit. For more information, visit Delta Tech Industries LLC at