The Column Saver portion of the system consists of bushings which keep the steering shaft centered in the outer column housing, and upper and lower thrust bearings which brace it from up and down travel.

The Horn Saver eliminates the problem of the horn wire extending out the bottom of the column and interfering with the U-joints. Instead, the horn wire from the steering wheel is routed out the side of the column housing just above the bottom, clear of the U-joints.

The Horn Saver will work on any 1-inch diameter column, such as the ones found on '32-52 Ford passenger cars and trucks. The kit includes specific instructions on cutting your column and drilling the single hole needed to install the product

P/S In A Different Direction
Wouldn't you know it, right around the time Blundell Speed and Machine was finishing the prototype of its power steering pump on Richard Bellgardt's Flathead, March Performance introduced its own serpentine drive conversion kit specifically for Ford Flatheads. Overnight, Flathead owners looking for power steering have gone from zero options to two. For additional information on March Performance's serpentine system, visit

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