RideTech has recently added two new versions of the ShockWave: the Titanium Series, which features 24 position compression and rebound valving, remote reservoirs and a monotube gas pressure design, which I guess will appeal to the road racers and track day stars out there who want optimum handling and the ability to fine-tune their ride quality in a high-tech package; and the Black Series, a twin-tube steel body shock that retains all the mounting and installation advantages of the Master Series, but is comparable in price to a separate airbag and shock system. However, the Black Series isn't available with internal ride height sensors.

Not My Bag RideTech offers two types of airsprings; double convoluted and rolling sleeve. The former has more load capacity, a shorter stroke and a more progressive spring rate, making it appropriate for front end applications, where the weight of the engine and trans require the increased load capacity. The rolling sleeve design has a longer stroke, more linear spring rate and usually a smaller diameter. The short stroke of the double convoluted design isn't a problem, as most front ends mount the spring inboard of the load point, meaning the stroke length is almost doubled at the actual wheel.

While RideTech can supply bespoke kits for a number of vehicles-mainly muscle cars, pickups, and Tri-Five Chevys-they can supply components for a custom install, which is what I was looking at with the project Chevy. A number of aftermarket Mustang II-based IFS systems are also covered, though Chassis Engineering's crossmember isn't one of them, so I had to do a little math, a lot of thinking, and some fabrication to make it all work correctly, ensuring the recommended ride height of the ShockWave was adhered to, and that the suspension geometry was where it should be at ride height too. Add in the fact that the airspring must not touch any part of the chassis or body throughout its travel, no components should hang below the scrubline at ride height, or touch the ground on full drop, plus I wanted the finished deal to look neat, and there was a lot to consider.