How many times have you gone into a big shop that’s outfitted with industrial production-type tools and equipment and said, “Man, if I only had stuff like that in my garage?” That mental question is usually followed by the realization that even if you could have some of that stuff, you wouldn’t have nearly enough room in your garage to accommodate. That’s why many of us resort to using whatever we’ve got on hand—or in some cases, under foot—to make due. Those burn spots on the cement are tell tale signs that either a hot rodder’s garage is too full or that he doesn’t have all the equipment he wishes he had.

Well, we may have a solution for that: the ArcStation from Miller Electric. Compact enough to fit in the corner of even the smallest garages (in its single-table option), and it’s versatile enough to handle all sorts of welding jobs, big and small. And the more space you can afford, the more options the ArcStation can facilitate—tool drawers, shelving, welding curtains, you name it. Even in its fully equipped state, it’s still reasonably small compared to those industrial welding tables you’ve dreamed about.

While the ArcStations aren’t intended to replace a work bench (depending on the model), they can offer many uses beyond your basic welding jobs, such as cutting and notching tubing, with the vise mount and work clamp accessories. For anyone doing more than just occasional welding and fabrication, the ArcStation can make life in the garage much more productive and enjoyable—not to mention putting an end to all those weld burns accumulating on your driveway/garage floor!

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