Portability has evolved beyond the realm of hand tools and into the job prep/work surface line. Miller Electric Mfg. Co.’s new folding (F-Series) ArcStation welding table is the only one of its kind on the market—a truly portable workbench specifically dedicated to welding and metal fabrication.

Floor space is at a premium in many a hobbyist garage, and what better than a collapsible welding table to optimize what precious little room you might have to “work” with when it comes to a variety of welding-related chores. Miller’s F-Series ArcStation features a 30x30-inch table top (3/16-inch thick) with 1 1/2-inch steel tube frame—all weighing in under 74 pounds. Whether going back and forth from one side of the garage to the other or out on the road for mobile use, it’s conveniently equipped with roller wheels and handle for ease of transport. With a 500-pound weight cap, the F-Series can handle pretty much anything you throw at it … or on it!

Additionally, with optional clamps available from Miller (5-inch X-clamps), the X-pattern tabletop is about as versatile as you’re going to find, making practically any welding job a snap. Unlike its S-Series brethren, however, with their vast accessory options, such as shelving and tool chests, the F-Series is limited to a removable welding gun holder—hey, portability has its limitations! That said, for the price, you definitely get your money’s worth … and you don’t have to make extra room in the garage to accommodate.

Our test candidate was inadvertently left out in the elements a day—or week—too long, thus succumbing to a nice, heavy coat of coastal rust. We thank Miller for supplying their stock photography for this month’s column!