[15-16] Since the adapter plate needs to mount flush to the cylinder head, Hot Rod Garage team member Henry Steward used a drill press with the appropriate countersink bit to prepare the mounting holes. The close-up image lets you see the mounting depth upon completion.

[17] The adapter plate was then blown clean of any debris and then test-fit to the cylinder head using 1/4 x 3/4-inch long stainless Allen head bolts.

[18] With the adapter plate mounted you can now see how nice the overall fit to the cylinder head is. This lets you check for any additional adjustments to the adapter plate. None were needed here.

[19] Next, it was necessary to take initial measurements to create a pattern for the upright supports of the valve cover mounting. Here the inside valve cover total depth is 2 7/8 inches.

[20] A simple pattern was fashioned from thin cardboard stock illustrating the upright support dimensions. Note that Steward allowed for exactly 1/4 inch from the inner cover surface to the top of the upright support stanchion.

[21] The pattern was then traced onto a piece of 1/2-inch aluminum plate and cut out on a bandsaw.

[22] To deburr the stanchion, it was run across the base of a belt sander.

[23] Steward returned to the bandsaw to cut a graduated bevel into the side of the stanchion as well as mounting base notches where it will meet the mounting plate.

[24] Note the difference between the initial stanchion (left) and the completed one (right). The 1/4-inch offset bevel to the side of the stanchion allows the unit to carefully fit between the rocker assemblies to the adapter plate base.

[25] Here you can see the upright support mocked in place perfectly fitting into its close confines with ample rocker clearance.

[26] The Y-block valve cover was then carefully set in place and a black marker was used to secure the left and right mounting holes.

[27] While secured in a vise, a 9/32-inch drill bit was used to drill the stanchion top mounting hole.

[28] The hole was blown clean and a 5/16 x 24 thread tap was used to complete the job to install 2 3/8-inch mounting studs.

[29] To prepare the adapter base and upright stanchions for welding a stud spacer was bolted on to keep everything exactly in place.

[30] Steward then TIG-welded the upright stanchions to the adapter base.

[31] Here you can see the completed welding prior to the stud spacer being removed.

[32] With the adapter plate mounted to the cylinder head, all that’s left is to complete the installation of the remaining Allen mounting bolts and valve cover.

[33] The outer edge of the mounting plate will later have its edge feathered down to give the transition a nice, sleek look. Once color-matched to the cylinder head it will practically disappear.

[34] Presto-chango, with the classic Y-block finned aluminum valve covers in place the late-model Ford V-8 takes on a vintage look and feel that will keep plenty of car owners guessing. That’s the grand illusion!

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