You know you're near the end of a project when you seem to spend $50 every day at the hardware or autoparts store on seemingly insignificant small parts. That's the point we're at now with our Speedway Motors R&C 60th Anniversary Tribute T. But let's back up a couple of weeks to when I was itching from sanding fiberglass, readying the body for paint.

The 'glass body as supplied from Speedway didn't need much in the way of bodywork, as it was very straight to begin with, though a couple of mold separation marks needed a skim of filler, seeing as the body was going to be black! Taking care not to sand away the sharp edges of the swage lines, the whole body was block sanded with 180-grit, prior to receiving three coats of Eastwood's urethane primer. I then painted the firewall using the same color I'd painted the engine block before delivering the body to fellow Brit, Chris Ashworth, owner of Romance With Rust, a local auto restoration and fabrication shop, for final prep and paint.

As you can see, Romance With Rust's Osmar Mata did a superb job prepping, painting, color sanding, and polishing the body and pickup bed, using Eastwood products throughout. Meanwhile, I was back in our shop installing the Lokar shifter and emergency brake, driveshaft, fuel pump, battery, and fabricating fuel and trans cooler lines, in between runs to the hardware and parts store! With everything done that would either be much harder, or that I wouldn't be able to do with the body on—such as installing the Lokar trans dipstick and kickdown cable, and the body polished—I applied a rubberized coating to the underside, and bolted the body down for the final time, pleased that the shifter and e-brake came through their respective holes centrally! The T is at the upholstery shop as I write this, leaving wiring, the addition of fluids, final checks on all fasteners and cotter pins, and wheelbase setting before it can be called "done". No doubt there'll be a few more parts runs somewhere in there too!

Hedman Hedders
12438 Putnam Street
CA  90602
2700 California St
CA  90503
Eastwood Company
263 Shoemaker Road
PA  19464
Romance with Rust
504 W. Chapman Ave
Suite I
CA  92868
Lokar Performance Products
10924 Murdock Drive
TN  37932
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