Deadlines. Every car build I've ever undertaken has had one, whether self-imposed or magazine-related. The latter are the worst, as there's no way to extend them, whether it be shooting tech for each issue or getting a car done for an event. In the case of the R&C 60th Anniversary Speedway Motors Tribute T, the car had to be ready to head out to Louisville, Kentucky, for the NSRA Street Rod Nationals.

So, as usual it came down to a mad thrash in the final few days. While we were out at the Goodguys show in Columbus, Ohio, the T was at Loyola Auto Interiors in Gardena, California, where Luis Loyola and Jose were certainly kept busy for a few days building our interior from scratch in restaurant-grade Naugahyde. On our return, we collected the car, and headed back to our tech center to wire it and fire it, while Jeff Styles literally worked around us to pinstripe the body and chassis. Street Rod Glass in Riverside, California, installed the glass in our frame, then once every bolt was tightened and checked, every cotter pin installed, the brakes bled, all fluids added, and the lug nuts tightened for the final time, we hit the starter button and took it for a blast up the street on Friday evening. Deemed done, it was ready for its trip to Louisville on Monday morning.

Of course we had a few last minute hiccups. With the PowerGen installed, our Edelbrock air cleaner wouldn't fit, so we swapped it out for an OTB Gear cleaner. A faulty ignition switch sourced from a local auto parts store caused some wiring problems, and there were a few minutes of holding our breath while the holes were drilled in the dash for the gauges … after the body was painted. But we didn't slip with the hole saw, the wiring came out good, and we completed a project car on time. Come back next month to see the finished build!