Although we'd completed 80 percent of the wiring on the Speedway Motors R&C Tribute T, once we got it back from the Street Rod Nats in Louisville and caught our breath after the rapid build, we decided it really should have turn signals, especially since they're mandatory for our forthcoming DMV titling process. This would be easy in the rear, as we could wire it so the brake lights flashed, but what to do at the front, as we didn't want to add extra lights?

A visit to OTB Gear solved our problem, with a pair of their beautifully crafted 682-C headlights, designed after the 1940s Guide headlights of the same name. We opted for the black primed bodies with chromed turn signal housings and chrome rings, feeling all-chrome lights might be too much on the T, as it has a chromed grille shell too! The lights are supplied with mounts, hardware, and wiring, making installation a breeze.

To operate the turn signals we turned to LimeWorks Speed Shop, and one of their ribbed turn signal switches. This clamps to the steering column, with an indicator light at the end of the arm, so dash lights are unnecessary. Our tech center manager, Jason Scudellari, was tasked with the job of wiring the turn signals, while yours truly took pictures and handled fabrication chores as needed. Despite me hampering him, the T now has turn signals, and just needs to visit the DMV for the delights of the registration process.