Night Vision

Headwinds introduces their headlight adapter for 1939 Chevys and Buicks. A fully adjustable ring allows you to aim your lamp. Easy to install, with no drilling or welding required, they mount any standard 7-inch lamp in your original housings, or Headwinds has a large selection. Made in the United States and available for other cars. For more information, contact Headwinds at (626) 359-8044 or

Be Done With Road Grime

Wizards Products announces their new All Wheel & Tire Cleaner. This product safely removes stubborn road grime, brake dust, and general scum without staining or etching wheels. Safe on factory as well as custom wheels in polished aluminum, roughcast, uncoated, anodized, chrome, clearcoated, and PVD.

Wizards guaranties outstanding results on blackwalls, whitewalls, and raised white letter tires as well. Wizards All Wheel & Tire Cleaner is non-acidic, non-caustic, and biodegradable. All Wizards Products are VOC compliant and made in the United States. For more information, contact Wizards Products at (800) 356-7223 or

All Greased Up

Ingersoll Rand has expanded the IQV20 Series line to include a new 20V cordless grease gun. Powered by advanced battery technology from Ingersoll Rand, the cordless LUB5130 makes it easy for operators to grease fittings.

The LUB5130 comes with a standard 30-inch hose to maneuver in tight spaces. The inline battery-mount design improves the versatility of the LUB5130 and makes it easier to access hard-to-reach areas. With three grease loading options: bulk, cartridge, and manual, users can refill quickly, helping increase jobsite productivity.

Measuring 19 inches from tip to tail and weighing 7.1 pounds, the LUB5130 is designed with an ergonomic handle and soft touch over-molded grip to minimize tool vibration and prevent operator fatigue. The LUB5130 comes with an optional shoulder strap hook to provide additional support. For more information, visit Ingersoll Rand at

Top of the Mount

KRC Power Steering has released a thermostat housing spacer (PN KRC 15375150) that is 1 1/2 inches tall. The 1/2-inch increased height moves the water bypass lines higher above the intake manifold so the hoses do not rub the intake and transfer heat to the manifold.

The bypass holes are 3/8-inch pipe thread and the spacer is machined from 6061-T6 aluminum. It is supplied black anodized or can be ordered non-plated. For more information, contact KRC Power Steering at (770) 422-5135 or

Adapt Your Steering—Wheel

Speedway Motors offers Hot Rod Steering Adapters to replace the quick-release adapters on Speedway's Hot Rod and Nostalgia Steering Columns, allowing you to use any common aftermarket 9-bolt steering wheel on these columns.

The aluminum adapters are available in a rounded Convex shape (left) or a more angular Concave style and include a secure tension mounting plate plus all necessary hardware to attach the adapter to your steering column. For more information, contact Speedway Motors at (855) 682-9228 or

Vega Power Steering—Really

Classic Performance Products introduces its lightweight 400 Series Vega Power Steering Box. It's smaller, lighter, and a better ratio alternative for 1964 and later GM midsize applications. Ideal for applications that need more clearance than the standard-size power steering box or want to add power steering to a manual box application like a Vega box.

CPP's 400 Series box utilizes late-model power steering technology and allows use of the original steering column or aftermarket tilt column to keep perfect alignment with the box. The 13.6:1 ratio is comfortable for highway cruising, yet responsive and reliable for a road course. For more information, contact Classic Performance Products at (800) 830-6896 or