Roll Over Rear Pan

Pete & Jake's 1933-34 roll pan is reminiscent of the one Jim "Jake" Jacobs first created on Jake's coupe in 1974 and it's been a staple at "cleaning" up the rear appearance on a 1933-34 highboy coupe.

Made of heavy sheetmetal, rolled, formed, and welded to fit precisely, and louvered just like the original, this quality piece is mounted with screws and ready for primer. Add a couple of cool taillights and your problems are solved, the end result making for one tidy rearend. For more information, contact Pete & Jake's Hot Rod Parts at (800) 334-7240 or

This IRS Is Your Friend

Art Morrison Enterprises (AME) offers a sophisticated and durable Multilink IRS that can be ordered as an option on any of their GT Sport chassis or installed in a wide variety of vehicles, thanks to its unique "cradle" design.

The AME Multilink IRS shares a design lineage with a number of the world's fastest exotic cars, while it features a rugged Strange Engineering S60 centersection (9½-inch-diameter ring gear) and can handle substantial horsepower. It provides important handling and ride benefits over older fixed control arm–type IRS setups and offers improved wheel adjustability.

Available gear ratios range from 3.54 to 5.13, and the compact "package" design of the AME Multilink IRS allows it to accommodate brake systems with rotors to 14.4 inches in diameter. It is available in track widths of 55½, 57½, 59 ½, and 61½ inches (wheel mounting surface-to-surface width). For more information, contact Art Morrison Enterprises at (900) 929-7188 or

Good Shrinkage

DEI's professional-grade Hi-Temp Shrink Tubes, made of military-spec polyolefin tubing with a high shrink ratio of 3:1, offers the ultimate protection for ignition and electrical wiring, and are ideal for sealing electrical connections.

Designed as an alternative to plastic ties and tape, these Hi-Temp Shrink Tubes have a thick wall structure and are made of material that meets military-spec DTL-23053/5C for a water-tight, flame-retardant seal that is resistant to debris, dirt, and abrasive solvents.

Multiple lengths and ID sizes are available, including 2- and 4-foot lengths, 50- and 200-foot spools, in ID sizes: 3-, 6-, 9-, 12-, 18-, and 24mm. For more information, contact Design Engineering at (800) 264-9472 or

Preserving Father Time

The Eastwood Company introduces Patina Preserver, a durable, clear protective coating that preserves a weathered, patina'd look. Patina Preserver, packaged in an aerosol can, creates a safe, invisible barrier between weathered paint, worn metal, and natural elements to prevent rust and further deterioration.

Patina Preserver can be used on an entire vehicle, as well as wheels, bumpers, interior parts, or any metal surface that needs to be preserved. Utilizing nano barrier technology, it takes two to three light coats to provide up to 12 months of UV and weather protection. One can covers 12-16 square feet. For more information, contact The Eastwood Company at (800) 345-1178 or

Striking Threshold

The Goolsby Edition by Lokar, 1932 Ford roadster doorsills (made in the USA) are available in brushed and polished finishes and feature a lifetime warranty. Made of sturdy billet aluminum construction, they are available in engine turn, mother of pearl, and tortoise shell. The product is a direct fit for the 1932 Ford roadster. The design complements other products in the Goolsby Edition series. For more information, contact Lokar Performance Products at (877) 469-7440 or

Feet To The Firewall

Speedway's Universal Firewall Mount Pedal assemblies (made in the USA) are engineered for easy installation and feature a bright zinc-plated finish to protect against corrosion. Steel mounting brackets can be bolted or welded to your vehicle's flat firewall and provide support for your brake master cylinder, power booster, and clutch master cylinder (on clutch-and-brake models).

The brake-only pedal assembly bracket is pre-drilled to accept either a manual master cylinder (with 3¼-inch bolt centers) or common four-bolt power booster (with 33⁄8- by 33⁄8-inch bolt pattern). The clutch-and-brake assembly bracket is pre-drilled for a manual brake master cylinder and a common clutch master cylinder with a 2¼-inch bolt center. Bronze bushings ensure smooth operation for the swinging pedal arms, which feature 6:1 pedal ratios and mounting tabs to simplify pedal pad installation (pedal pads sold separately). For more information, contact Speedway Motors at (800) 979-0122 or