All of us have heard it time and time again: "A great paintjob begins with great prep work." The greatest paint on earth if improperly applied will not yield a paintjob worthy of pride. However, should you "cheap out" on the prep work and use the best paint and application process but the prep work is second rate then the end result will be disappointing.

When speaking to a professional builder the first thing he will check on any car build is what went on "behind the scenes." What effort was put into making the bodywork flawless is equally as important as using superior supplies and equipment. On more than one occasion I have noticed builders checking out how the sheetmetal was treated underneath the carpeting, as this will give them a clue on how well the entire project was thought out and handled.

The products (tools, primers, paints, clearcoats) are all part of a good paintjob. No question you have to have the patience of a third grade teacher to deal with the countless hours of preparation that it takes to prep a body for paint. Once you have survived this challenge it begins again with the application process. But remember you do need to use topflight materials in order to get a show-winning paintjob. Of course, a little practice never hurt either.

Model 960 Abrasive Blast Cabinet

Every shop or garage needs a Skat Blast Abrasive Blast Cabinet to clean car parts. The 960 Pro Blaster Abrasive Blast Cabinet is the most popular of many siphon-operated cabinets. It's made in the United States by Skat Blast and sold by TP Tools & Equipment, designed to remove rust, paint, and scale while working in a closed environment.

Easy to use: Simply load part through side door, aim gun, and press foot pedal. The powerful C-25 foot-pedal–operated gun removes every trace of rust, paint, and scale to bare metal in minutes!

Includes: C-25 Foot-Pedal Power Gun, 12x24-inch view lens, 28-inch gloves, floodlight, 50-pound abrasive, automatic abrasive recycling system, and Vac-40 vacuum to remove dust created while blasting. It's made of strong 11- to 20-gauge USA steel. Work screen holds up to 200-pound objects.

  • Requires 10- to 15-cfm air at 80 psi
  • Work area: 28x46x28 inches
  • Overall height: 64-1/2 inches
  • Ship weight: 370 pounds

Cabinet is fully assembled and ready for hook up. Fully assembled cabinets up to 8 feet wide are available and in stock for fast shipment. Call to receive a free catalog.

TP Tools & Equipment
(800) 321-9260

ChromaClear 7400S Non-Stop Clearcoat

If you run a paint shop, you know how important it is to get redoes, single-panel repairs, and bumper jobs in and out of the shop quickly. Fast-lane collision work can be greatly enhanced with the use of ChromaClear 7400S Non-Stop Clearcoat. Exceptionally fast drying air—drying times (30-40 minutes) can also be a benefit for shops that have limited or no bake capabilities. ChromaClear 7400S Non-Stop Clearcoat is a U.S. National Rule–compliant product.

Axalta Coating Systems
(Formerly DuPont Performance Coatings)
(800) 438-3876

Cromax Pro: Fast and Better Waterborne Paint

Cromax Pro waterborne basecoat is part of a complete system that makes application easier and faster with a wet-on-wet process that typically achieves full coverage in 1-1/2 coats without having to flash between coats—helping improve your bottom line. Meeting environmental regulations is important, but cost and productivity goals are important, too. You can do it all with Cromax Pro waterborne basecoat, as upgrading to Cromax Pro reduces paint usage and speeds the repair process by eliminating up to four steps in the process, compared to competitive brands. A simple, proven upgrade process has been used to upgrade thousands of shops already. Upgrade your shop to the next level of productivity with Cromax Pro waterborne basecoat.

Axalta Coating Systems
(Formerly DuPont Performance Coatings)
(800) 438-3876

KKT Series

House of Kolor is proud to present their Kustom Kolor Trends (KKT) Wall Series. They know how daunting the task is to find that perfect Kolor. With their new magnificent Kolor walls your customers will find the perfect color for their prized possessions. The KKT display board measures at a massive 43-5/8 inches tall by 26 inches wide, displaying 100 uniquely painted Shimrin2 Speed Shapes. The KKT01 showcases 100 breathtaking Shimrin2 Basecoat/Klearcoat Kolor combinations. The KKT02 wall series displays 100 mind-blowing KBC Kolors that are sure to turn heads. You can even paint your own set of custom speed shapes to create a unique KKTUF. KKT walls are a great tool to add to any shop's arsenal of painting gear.

House of Kolor
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