After returning to the U.S. in 1971, Pete introduced a variation on Drag Cartoons called Drag Comics, printed in a color newspaper format. He became a successful illustrator and model builder for court trials, where his drawings and models were used to demonstrate traffic and industrial accidents.

Pete made a welcome comeback to drag racing at the 1993 NHRA California Hot Rod Reunion, and returned annually to sign autographs and sell collections of his well-loved comics. He continued to draw--never losing his sense of humor or his edge--until his death in 2003. At that year's Hot Rod Reunion, thousands of fans witnessed Bob Muravez's fuel dragster deploy its 'chutes at half-track, releasing the ashes of Pete Millar.

In the years since, Orah Mae and Robin Millar have continued to attend this and other vintage drag races, promoting Pete Millar's Drag Cartoons and CD collections of his work. Their booth is a magnet for lifelong fans who loved his cartoons, and racers who loved being the object of his humor.

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