Like a flash the years flew by with a business to run, three children to raise, and—boom—it was time for Bernie and his brother to sell the business. “We were just getting old and Morey wanted to move to Tennessee.” (Morey relocated to McKenzie, Tennessee. Oh, and Morey has had his ’39 Ford since 1940; of course, it went with him. These guys don’t get rid of anything!)

“That’s when I began working on the roadster. Helen (Bernie’s wife) [died] in 1989, and after that it was a long time before I could go into the garage and work on the car.” But Bernie did and had Gil Ayala, the legendary half of custom car builders, the Ayala Brothers out of L.A., work the tin. “My roadster was the last car [Ayala] worked on before he died,” Bernie recalls. He then rejoined the California Roadster Club (he was a member in the ’40s) and set out to enjoy his retirement after years of hard work.

Rod & Custom Feature Car

Bernie Couch

Fullerton, California

1932 Ford roadster