John Day took a spindley old Model T roadster and turned it into the futuristic show rod "Utah Lucky". Imagine this little critter crawling out of the Ford plant in about 1924. The body was most likely a simple stock black roadster that later got a zany sculpted and shortened bed attached to it. This car is flat-out wild, but a bit more restrained than a Roth or Starbird creation.

You can see influences from the neighborhood Googie-style coffee shop as well as the current, for the time, '58-59 Ford T-bird the taillights came from. Day's recipe for this "Angelhairsville" era built hot rod must have been something like this: Paint everything white, fog in lavender panels, chrome whatever is not painted, drop a blown Chevy V-8 between the rails, fully upholster everything else, and the result is this go-fast head turner from the golden era of the show car!